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Australia : States and ACT add their signatures to Federal Government s National Homelessness Agreement.

Five of the states and territories have now signed on to the
Federal Government s National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness for
2013/14 guaranteeing
federal funds

 will flow to their states.

Mr Butler said the Commonwealth had put up to $159 million on the
table in March on the condition that states matched funding.

New South Wales
 state (1991 pop. 5,164,549), 309,443 sq mi (801,457 sq km), SE Australia. It is bounded on the E by the Pacific Ocean. Sydney is the capital. The other principal urban centers are Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Lismore, Wollongong, and Broken Hill.
, Victoria, Tasmania,
South Australia
 state (1991 pop. 1,236,623), 380,070 sq mi (984,381 sq km), S central Australia. It is bounded on the S by the Indian Ocean. Kangaroo Island and many smaller islands off the south coast are included in the state.
 and the ACT
have all signed on to the agreement, which also makes them eligible to
bid for further funding under the Development Fund as part of a
competitive process, Mr Butler said.

Applications for the Development Fund close today, so I urge
remaining state governments to finance their share of this agreement to
guarantee their state also has access to the fund.

This funding will ensure services which help give people a hand up
every day have the certainty they need to continue delivering critical

Mr Butler said achieving real results in reducing homelessness was
only possible through joint responsibility and collaborative action.

The transitional agreement provides funding to the sector over the
next 12 months, while the Australian and state and territory governments
negotiate a longer-term response to homelessness.

It’s now time for Queensland, WA and the Northern Territory to
provide surety to homelessness service providers and their clients by
committing their share of funds and signing the agreement as soon as

The National Partnership Agreement is part of the Federal
Government s $26 billion investment in housing and homelessness, which
aims to
tr.v. halved, halv·ing, halves
1. To divide (something) into two equal portions or parts.

2. To lessen or reduce by half:

 the rate of homelessness by 2020.

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