Bank Account Garnish

What happens if you do not pay your CC bills?

Im 21, unemployed, a full time college student and I cannot pay my CC bills. I am about 9k in debt.

Some months I can pay and some I cannot. I have oral agreements with 2 CC’s that i will pay a minimum every month.

So, What happens if i stop paying some of my CC bills?
6 months? I know they start way before that.

I can be 1 day late on a payment and they start calling.

The accounts will be charged off in about 3 to 6 months and sent to collections. This will trash your credit. You will be hounded by collection agencies for payment.

The original creditor or the credit card company could decide to sue. More of them are suing for even small amounts. They would win a judgment and be able to attach your bank account, garnish wages, and lien property.

The fact that you have nothing for them to take now is no problem. Judgments are good for a long time and can be renewed. They can wait till you do have something.

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