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Enhanced Multi-User Capabilities Make StockTrack a Great Choice for Any Size Company That Manages, or Intends to Manage, Their Own Transfer Agent Functions..

Morris Plains, NJ, May 21, 2013 –(– StockTrack shareholder
accounting software’s new features make it appropriate for
companies of all sizes that handle their own Transfer Agent functions as
well as commercial transfer agents. The affordable price and ease of use
make it appropriate for even the smallest of companies with more than a
few shareholders.

This software is one of the most widely used products available for
this purpose. The feature set in StockTrack is unmatched and the latest
enhancements make StockTrack an even more useful tool for Transfer
Agents. Features that will be of particular interest to larger companies
and commercial transfer agencies are the ability to efficiently manage
multiple transactions for the same company simultaneously.

The fact that this upgrade is free, as always, for companies
currently holding StockTrack support agreements makes this update a
‘no brainer’ for existing licensees. The fact that prospective
licensees can try it free makes this the perfect time to look at

“The new features will allow a company to have multiple
users not only printing reports but also processing transactions in
StockTrack simultaneously,”
according to

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 company President
Abby Rosenstein.

Version 15.2 continues the StockTrack tradition of providing many
useful enhancements to this shareholder accounting package with each
release based on our customers’ requests and suggestions.
StockTrack provides a complete and cost effective Transfer Agent
solution. The software supports issuance and transfer of stock; printing
of stock certificates’ cash dividends (including generating


 files for direct deposit); stock options; dividend



); tracking of shares used as collateral (pledged)
against loans;
proxy voting

 and reporting; mailings; stock splits, and
all related reporting as well as support for 1099 tax reporting and
S-Corporation K-1 and pro-rata reporting.

It provides ‘as of’ and ‘date range’ reporting
so that you can get historical information in seconds. The system
selects shares to receive proxy voting rights and cash distributions on
a record date basis. It is in use by Commercial Stock Transfer Agents
and Self Issuers, including S-Corporations, across the U.S.

Current licensees consider StockTrack a most complete and cost
effective product. They cite ease of use, extensive feature set, as-of
date reports on all aspects of shareholder accounting, flexibility, cost
basis information, audit trails, reasonable pricing and great support as
reasons they are happy that they selected and use StockTrack. Licensees
report that StockTrack is “the easiest to use”
shareholder accounting software. They particularly like the system flow
which makes the software
easy to learn and use


There are more than 100 reports on all aspects of shareholding
accounting including stock ledgers; certificate registers; transaction
journals; pro-rata ownership, K-1 Reporting, insider trading and insider
ownership; dividend and split reporting; check reconciliation; debt and
interest payment; dividend reinvestment; proxy voting and voting card
support; warrants and options; pledge tracking; and company overview of
outstanding shares. In addition, statements, confirmations, and cover
letters can be printed in ready-to-mail formats. Many reports are
available as Excel spreadsheets as well as formatted reports.

Go to to obtain a free trial version,
request an invitation to a live feature demonstration over the Internet,
or view a short pre-recorded StockTrack overview. Contact Figtree
Software, 973-539-9311 ext. 7027 or by email to for
more information.

All StockTrack licensees who are current on software maintenance
and support are
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 to this update. Go to to download.

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