Bank Account Snapshots

Community bank in Virginia deploys iPad kiosks in nine of its branches.

deployed iPad kiosks in nine of its branches. The kiosks are designed to
help promote the bank’s recent launch of its three online financial
management tools. The kiosks allow bank customers to educate themselves
about the new online system.

“Today’s banking environment is hyper competitive, and we
look for tools that allow us to service our customers better than our
competition,” says Paul Milsted, the bank’s director of


The iPads are used like miniature digital signs. Rotating ads are
installed on each of them. When a customer approaches the kiosk, he or
she will see one of the rotating ads that ask the customer to touch the
screen to begin. Once touched, the iPad launches a short video about
each component of the bank’s new online banking services.

The three online banking tools are:

* myBank: Gives the customer an up-to-the minute snapshot of all of
the customer’s accounts with the bank.

* myFinance: Syncs all of the customer’s financial accounts
for total money management.

* myMobile: Enables the customer to access his or her online
banking through the bank’s mobile app.

Mobile banking currently resides as the No. 1 feature users expect
to have on their smartphones.

“The branch is no longer the primary channel for customer
engagement as consumers continue to shift to mobile and online
technology to interact with their financial institution,” says
Brian Nutt, CEO of the kiosk provider Codigo. “But branches do
remain a critical part of the customer marketing engine, and our role is
to help institutions leverage each critical branch visit to its maximum
capability.” (