Bank Accounts For Bad Credit History

Bank Account for bad credit history UK question?

Due to my ex husband I have a bad credit history…I am paying the debts off slowly at present I have a basic bank account with HSBC which means I have a card for the ATM and every transaction I make has to be via cash…. I can pay by direct debit or standing order through my bank…..they wont upgrade me
Does anyone know of a bank account were I can have a debit card so i can pay for items ….instead of having to withdraw the cash out. I dont want an overdraft facility as I can manage my account extremely well…… I work full time and earn approx 21,000 per annum
Any help would be appreciated…

If you are just after a solo card, which can be used in most places in the high street or online, then Natwest is a good choice. I would move away from HSBC anyway, as their service is terrible.

You shouldn’t have any problem getting a basic account at Natwest, with solo card, direct debits and online banking.

Alternatively, if you want a Switch card (now call maestro), or even a mastercard allowing you buy anywhere, then take a look at prepaid cards. These work in a similar way to mobile phone cards, in that you have to put money on the card first before you can spend with it. Because you’re not borrowing anything, theres a 100% acceptance rate. You can load the card through bank transfer, or using cash. There are small fees for topping up and using the card, as theres no interest to pay.

Have a look a the site below which has a range of these cards.

Bank Accounts for Bad Credit With No Credit Checks

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