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Now, mattress with a safe inside.

Washington, March 28 ( ANI ): A Spanish entrepreneur has invented
‘My Mattress Safe, a bed outfitted with a safety deposit box.

Francisco “Paco” Santos worked in the mattress business
for 14 years before losing his job in 2009 after which he tapped a
dormant entrepreneurial spirit, designing this mattress that stands out
from the rest, the
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 Monitor reported.

The safe, which costs about 1,120 dollars, was released by
Santos’ company Descanso Santos Suenos (

) three weeks ago, in
step with the Cyprus banking saga.

The companies website shows that the mattress is made with
“the best materials” and implanted at the foot of the bed is a
digital-entry safety box.

In the video, Santos parodies a bank commercial, calling My
Mattress Safe a “financial institution” with a new,
imaginative take on saving. Not to fear, he says – this approach to
savings doesn’t come with the threat of bankruptcy, mergers, or
market fluctuations.

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 the publication, the European Union “raised
serious doubts about its promise to guarantee citizens’ savings – a
vital pillar of any financial sector that underpins savers’ trust –
when it went along with a plan to levy small Cypriot depositors.”

DESS hasn’t released sales figures, but the company said
they’ve exceeded expectations. And despite the initial double take,
there may be a larger audience for a Mattress Safe than one might

The My Mattress Safe tagline feeds into this mentality: “Your
money, very close to you.”

For customers looking for assurance that their money isn’t
going anywhere with the Caja MiColchon, there’s a calculator on the
website where customers can work out their savings over time. Enter the
deposit amount, the number of months of planned investment, and
Used to call attention to or express satisfaction with a thing shown or accomplished:
The same number of euros deposited in a My Mattress Safe is at the
investor’s disposal a month, year, or decade later. ( ANI )


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