Bank Deposit Pickup

Most-depressed markets are now showing the biggest bounce up.

show the highest household growth forecasts over the five years ending
in 2017, according to Bancography’s annual outlook for the
financial services industry.

The report, entitled, “Outlook 2013: Deposit and Demographic
Trends,” states that among the 30 largest metropolitan statistical
areas (MSAs), the outlook is for revived growth. The revival is
especially true in markets that suffered severe slowdowns during the
recession–MSAs such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and Riverside, Calif. Three
of the 10 fastest-growing metro areas are in Texas. Nine of the 10 are
located west of the Mississippi River.

The number of bank branches has declined by almost 2,000 over the
past three years, including a decline of 750 units in 2012 alone. The
2012 closures were connected to a limited number of institutions, mostly
regional and national banks, that were pruning their very smallest

While the pace of economic recovery varies widely by region, those
areas that are recovering are seeing a pickup in loan demand,
Bancography notes. Banks in these areas, however, will need to
re-establish “sales momentum” to capitalize on the recovery.
“Lenders conditioned to sluggish demand and organizations that
relentlessly focused on problem assets may find it difficult to return
to sales mode without some level of internal reconfiguration.”

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marketing research to financial institutions to support their branch,
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