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Sangamo BioSciences Announces Presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2013 Health Care Conference.

RICHMOND, Calif., May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sangamo BioSciences,
Inc. (Nasdaq: SGMO) announced today that Edward Lanphier, Sangamo’s
president and

, will provide an update on the progress of

ZFP Zuhair Fayez Partnership
ZFP Zero-Flag Propagation
 Therapeutic[sup.]development programs and an overview
of the company’s business strategy at 10:00 am PT on Thursday, May
16, 2013, at the
Bank of America

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
 Merrill Lynch 2013 Health Care
Conference which will be held in Las Vegas.


The presentation will be webcast live and may be accessed via a link
on the Sangamo BioSciences website in the Investor Relations section
under Events and Presentations. The presentation will be archived on the
Sangamo website for two weeks after the event.

About Sangamo

Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. is focused on research and development of
novel DNA-binding proteins for therapeutic gene regulation and genome
editing. The Company has ongoing Phase 2 clinical trials to evaluate the
safety and efficacy of a novel ZFP Therapeutic[sup.] for the treatment
of HIV/AIDS. Sangamo’s other therapeutic programs are focused on

 /mono·gen·ic/ () pertaining to or influenced by a single gene.

1. Of or relating to monogenesis; monogenetic.

 diseases, including hemophilia, Huntington’s disease and
hemoglobinopathies such as beta-thalassemia and
sickle cell anemia

A chronic, usually fatal inherited form of anemia marked by crescent-shaped red blood cells, occurring almost exclusively in Blacks, and characterized by fever, leg ulcers, jaundice, and episodic pain in the joints.
Sangamo’s core competencies enable the engineering of a class of
DNA-binding proteins known as zinc finger DNA-binding proteins (ZFPs).
Engineering of ZFPs that recognize a specific DNA sequence enables the
creation of sequence-specific ZFP Nucleases (ZFNs) for gene modification
and ZFP transcription factors (ZFP TFs) that can control gene expression
and, consequently, cell function. Sangamo has entered into a strategic
collaboration with Shire AG to develop therapeutics for hemophilia,
Huntington’s disease and other monogenic diseases and has
established strategic partnerships with companies in non-therapeutic
applications of its technology including Dow AgroSciences and
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. For more information about Sangamo, visit the
company’s website at

ZFP Therapeutic[sup.] is a registered trademark of Sangamo
BioSciences, Inc.

SOURCE Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.