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Sherwood convenience store rings up $2.8M transaction.

A Kum & Go convenience store in Sherwood tipped the scales at
$2.8 million.


 of Jenkintown, Pa., bought the 3400 E. Kiehl
Ave. project from KG Store 150 LLC of
Des Moines, Iowa
 in English,

The 1.96-acre location was assembled in two March 2012 buys
totaling $650,000. The sellers are Ernest Sam Lantrip, $400,000, and
Marvin and Carletta Overton, $250,000.

Dollar Acquisition

A Dollar General store in Jacksonville changed hands in a $1.07
million transaction.

Yolo Holdings LLC, led by Daniel Quaranto of Lynnbrook, N.Y.,
purchased the 22405 Highway 107 project. The seller is PB General
Holdings (Macon) LLC, led by Scott Proctor.

The deal is financed with a five-year loan of $700,000 from Arvest
Bank of Fayetteville.

The 1.22-acre development previously was tied to a March 2012
mortgage of $768,000 held by Summit Bank of Arkadelphia.

The location was bought for $138,000 10 months ago from the James
Potter Living Trust.

Sherwood Sale

A 4,896-SF office-warehouse building in Sherwood is under new
ownership after a $425,000 deal.

Fourth Street LLC, led by Stuart Hankins, acquired the 1515 E.
Kiehl Ave. property from Emanuel and Patsy Bates.

The 0.54-acre location was purchased for $76,000 in December 1996
from Donald and Howard Norton.

Riverbend Residence

A 3,685-SF home in the Riverbend neighborhood of Little Rock sold
for $750,000.

Ginanne Long bought the residence in the Riverdale area from
Constance and William Bowen.

The Bowens acquired the property for $1.15 million in April 2006.

The seller was The Mitchell Family
Revocable Trust

, led by Maurice
and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Bailey Financing

Four apartment projects in Pulaski County were used to secure an
$18.3 million funding agreement.

Bailey Properties LLC, led by John Bailey, obtained the financial
package from
Bank of America

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
 in Charlotte, N.C.

The apartments encompass three west Little Rock properties: the
256-unit Waterford project at 701 Green Mountain Drive, 80-unit Bowman
Heights project at 420 Markham Mesa Place and 52-unit Markham Oaks
project at 8118 W. Markham St. The fourth project is the 170-unit Indian
Hilts Apartments complex at 2011 Aztec Drive in North Little Rock.

The properties previously were linked with a June 2002 mortgage of
$7.5 million, a February 2006 mortgage of $6.5 million, a March 2008
mortgage of $1.7 million and a July 2009 mortgage of $1.2 million all
held by Regions Bank of Birmingham, Ala.

The 13.1-acre Waterford development was purchased for $6.8 million
in April 1993 from

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 Real Estate Operating Co. Ltd. of Dallas.

The 8.8-acre Indian Hills development was bought for $4.2 million
in June 1997 from Love Apartment Communities of St. Louis.

The 3.87-acre Bowman Heights development was acquired for $1.36
million in July 1994 from
, led by Dr. C.D. Williams and Anna
Williams and David and Kay Jones.

The 1.4-acre Markham Oaks development was purchased for $1 million
in December 1996 from Wayne and Margy Carlson.

The Waterford and Bowman Heights projects also are backed with a
$7.5 million bond issue through the Pulaski County Public Facilities

This 30-year financing replaces an August 2005 PCPFB bond issue of
$6.4 million.