Bank Fees For Direct Deposit

my daughter was born in december, does she count as a deduction THIS tax season?

and would it be better for my boyfriend (who made more than me, though not much still) claimed both our kids, or if he claimed one and i claimed the other?

Any child born to or adopted by the filer on or before Dec 31 is a tax deduction for you and since neither of you made a substantial amount of money you can also get (E.I.C) “earned income credit” which by the way went up quit a bit this year. I went with my 22 year old daughter today to do her taxes and she had basically the same question about who should claim the kids and my tax guy ( who has been doing my taxes for 14 years) and he rocks!!!!! told Samantha that she or one of them should claim both kids The other file single. with no kids. as long as neither of them made 75.000 no fear of that so she claimed both kids and her rebate will be 4,100 after jack hewitt got his share and the bank fees for direct deposit. not to bad for a couple of 22 year olds!!! Good Luck

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