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What makes a check a bad check?

So i don’t accidently do it and be punished (if it’s even something that can be done on accident)

It means the check comes back NSF – NON SUFFICIENT FUNDS. You might have heard the saying “don’t write checks your tushy can’t cash”.

When someone writes a “bad” check they don’t have enough cash in the account to cover it (intentional or unintentional). Some people intentionally do that, however you account will go into the bad check system at many retailers, if you don’t pay your bad checks they won’t let you use checks anymore.

Some people intentionally pass checks from a closed account OR give a check to someone when they know there are no funds. It can be deemed as check fraud which is a felony.

What happens is both parties get charged a bank fee.

Wikipedia goes into a lot of detail about NSF checks, here is the link:

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