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World-renowned Architects Select Winners of Downtown Detroit Hudson’s Site Competition.

– Detroiters Also Vote for Favorite Designs-

DETROIT, June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rock Ventures

 and Bedrock
Real Estate Services today announced the winners of Opportunity
Detroit’s international design competition which solicited ideas
for a potential signature project on the former Hudson’s Department
Store site in downtown Detroit. The three winning design ideas came from
Rome, Italy;
Kalamazoo, Michigan

; and
Southfield, Michigan


The nine-week competition was a free, open call for architects,
designers, planners, artists, and community members to present ideas for
innovative, creative, and inspired designs for the potential future use
of one of the city’s most iconic sites. The competition attracted
nearly 200 entries from architectural and design firms, as well as
individuals, from 23 states and 22 countries.

Entrants were asked to create compelling visions for a new urban
development on the vacant 92,421 square-foot site, bordered by Woodward
Avenue, Gratiot Avenue,
Grand River Avenue

 and Library Street in the
heart of downtown Detroit.

From residential to retail, to concert venues and offices, the
entries ran the gamut from a single story structure to a 1,000-foot high
skyscraper, as entrants let their imaginations run wild. Some of the
submissions pay homage to the original Hudson’s Department Store by
including its likeness in their design; one submission literally turned
the store upside down, another included a completely green, sustainable
and energy efficient building, and yet another included all
made-in-Michigan materials.

“The Hudson’s Department Store was once the
crown jewel

downtown Detroit, and these interesting designs are displaying the
possibilities of what can certainly once again grace the skyline of
Detroit,” said Dan Gilbert, Chairman of Rock Ventures. “By
tapping into the talents of some of the most creative individuals from
around the globe, we have the opportunity to create a signature project
that captures the passion, grit and revival of our great American

Reed Kroloff, who led the competition to design the “High
Line” in
New York City
 see New York, city.

New York City

City (pop., 2000: 8,008,278), southeastern New York, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The largest city in the U.S.
 and is Director of the Cranbrook Academy of
Art and Art Museum near Detroit, served as the competition’s

“The Hudson’s site represents a microcosm of
Detroit’s 20[] century muscle concentrated in and around one
significant site,” said Kroloff.

“Detroit was and still is ground-zero for innovation in so many
ways. For example, Hudson’s had one of the earliest Thanksgiving
Day Parades, and its designers created stunning store windows that were
among countless reasons Woodward Avenue was the place to shop and do
business in Detroit.”

According to

1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of:

2. In keeping with:

 Kroloff, the competition sought proposals that:

* Demonstrated original architecture and design concepts

* Presented an innovative vision for the site

* Incorporated space for significant retail activity at ground

* Provided a creative response to the site’s urban context –
particularly as a signature project in downtown Detroit

Juried Competition Winners A panel of five distinguished architects
urban planning
 see city planning.

urban planning

Programs pursued as a means of improving the urban environment and achieving certain social and economic objectives.
 experts from across the country judged the entries.
The “Redesigning Detroit” competition awarded $15,000 for
first place, $5,000 for second place and $2,500 for third place.

* First Place: “MINICITY Detroit,” Davide Marchetti and
Erin Pellegrino; Rome, Italy incorporates an urban path to an elevated
platform and includes sculptural high-rise elements and low-rise
components for a combined use of commercial, residential and retail
space in upper and lower plazas. Other uses include a market space and
cinemas. The design incorporates red brick found in much of the
city’s historic architecture while complementing nearby

* Second Place: “Detroit Entrepreneurial Center (DEC),”
Efrain Velez, Juan Nunez, Marko Kanceljak; Kalamazoo, Michigan is an
eco-friendly mixed use development designed to promote a dynamic
exchange among people and inspire innovation. It features a

, marketplace, hotel and several housing options along with
climate controlled common areas. The building honors Detroit’s
industrial past and resembles the silhouette of past factories and
“the material qualities of a rusted steel facade.”

* Third Place: “Highwave Detroit,” Team
Rossetti/Metrogramma; Southfield (soon to be Detroit), Michigan proposes
a building honoring the site’s significance for Detroit’s
identity with a strong visual impact. Its triangular shape suggests a
sail on a boat. Other materials include steel, concrete and glass, and a
greener side featuring terraces with water views and reflecting pools at
ground level. Functions include entertainment and event space,
residential, retail and office space.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order by project title)

* “Art Scape Detroit” Bob Varga, Darin Daguanno, Dizi Shi,
Rachel Echtinaw, Ryan Dashkevicz, Michael Johnson-Smith Group
Detroit, Michigan
) (French:

* ” (de)Centralized Detroit” Kevin Sheppard, Laura
Vincent, Scarlett Esion;
Kingston, New York
 north of New York City and  south of Albany along the Hudson River.

* “Detroit Cultural Center” Brian Kim;


* “Detroit Flyover,” Chai Chen;
New York
 Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of
, New York

* “Detroit Rising, on the foundation of the past the future
rises,” Joshua Seyfried, David Witham; Philadelphia,

* “Detroit School for Entrepreneurship” Tod Stevens,

Michael Hopkins

, Vittorio Lovato, DSA Architects;
Berkley, Michigan


* “Hudson Block” Team Rossetti-Jonathan Disbrow, Ramon
Corpuz, Dima Daimi, Pierre Roberson, David Smoes; Southfield (soon to be
Detroit), Michigan

* “Incubator Matrix” Jean Kim, Jaewon Chang, Dongil Kim,
Ju-Hyun Kim, Jaeman Kim, Youngji Kim, Minbum Koo, Kooin Kwon,

 Zo; New York, New York

* “The Grand Opening” Chung Whan Park, Terry Sung Park,
Jeong Jun Song, Hyun Tek Yoon, Kyung Jae Yu; New York, New York

* “The Hudson Nexus, The Story of a Travelling Mall” Lee
Ajayi, Daniel Azuero, Egor Fufachev, Kane Manthey Architects;
 , Fr. Genève, canton (1990 pop. 373,019), 109 sq mi (282 sq km), SW Switzerland, surrounding the southwest tip of the Lake of Geneva.

Community Vote Winners

After the official judging ended on June 7, the public was invited
to view and vote on the submissions as part of a special exhibit and
community open house Saturday and Sunday June 8-9. The three submissions
earning the most public votes won cash prizes of $2,500, $1,000 and $500
respectively for first, second and third places.

* First Place: “Hudson’s Quarter,” Emilie M. Rottman
and James G. Ramil; Washington DC, is a contemporary site for urban
living designed to be a new “headquarters” for Detroit’s
renaissance. It honors the original Hudson’s site and
Detroit’s historical surroundings, and the building’s exterior
includes an image of the original department store facade. Uses include
retail, a gym, apartments and condos, a performance space and outdoor
arts and a music alley.

* Second Place: “Exten (D),” Extending Life in the D,
Beyond the 9 to 5, Smith Group JJR-Diana Khadr, Tengteng Wang, Alexa
Bush, Kyle Johnson, Jessie McHugh; Detroit, Michigan, features amenities
to attract and retain visitors and commuters in the urban core to show
them what Detroit has to offer
after hours

. It includes residential
space, offices, a grocery store, an M-1 RAIL stop, restaurants, an art
gallery and green space.

* Third Place: “Blue Fountain Tower,” Salvador Parra
Espinosa and Selene Serna Contreras, De San Bernadino; Toluca, Mexico,
replaces 50 percent of the site’s current footprint with gardens
that would be accessible at sidewalk level. It features retail, art
galleries, offices, apartments, lofts, a school, gardens and terraces.
Its designers call it an “icon for Detroit,” and its
futuristic design features outdoor terraces designed for physical
activity on 10 stories of the building.

All submissions can be viewed on an online gallery at /

About Rock Ventures LLC Rock Ventures LLC is an umbrella entity
managing a diverse portfolio of companies, investments and real estate.
Rock Ventures’ flagship company is
Quicken Loans

, the nation’s
largest online home lender and third largest overall residential
mortgage lender.

About Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC Detroit-based Bedrock Real
Estate Services LLC is a full service real estate firm specializing in
purchasing, leasing, financing, developing and managing of commercial
space. For more information, visit It is part of the
Rock Ventures family of companies.

About Opportunity Detroit Opportunity Detroit is a campaign that
promotes downtown Detroit as a great place to live, work and play. The
campaign launched last fall as a partnership with Quicken Loans, Rock
Ventures, the Detroit Regional Chamber (of Commerce), and dozens of
non-profit, civic and business organizations in the city. It started
with a television commercial and web site, and it continues to evolve as
a campaign to tell Detroit’s story as an emerging high-tech hub,
and the city’s ongoing transformation from a muscle economy of the
past to the brain economy of the present and future.


Rock Ventures’ Opportunity Detroit Chronology and Tenant List
The following is an Opportunity Detroit timeline followed by a listing
of the more than 85 companies that in the past 33 months have moved to
downtown Detroit in a number of Rock Ventures-owned buildings.

Opportunity Detroit Timeline January 2007: Dan Gilbert founds
Bizdom, a non-profit entrepreneurship accelerator for budding web and
tech-based startups in Detroit.

January 2009: Gilbert and other business leaders invest in M-1 RAIL,
a 6.6-mile light-rail system that will link key neighborhoods to
Detroit’s riverfront, the business district, and educational,
cultural, entertainment and medical institutions along Woodward

July 2009: Quicken Loans announces it will relocate its headquarters
to the Compuware Building in downtown Detroit in 2010.

August 2010: Quicken Loans and five of its sister companies move
1,700 team members into the Compuware building in downtown Detroit.

November 2010: Gilbert, together with entrepreneurs
Josh Linkner

Brian Hermelin, launch Detroit Venture Partners, a Detroit-based venture
capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage technology companies
to be located in the city.

January 2011: Rock Ventures, the umbrella entity formed to provide
operational coordination, guidance and integration of Gilbert’s
portfolio of companies, investments and real estate, purchases
Detroit’s historical M@dison Theatre Building and begins
transforming it into a collaborative tech hub to encourage partnership
among local entrepreneurs.

April 2011: Rock Ventures acquires the 13-story Chase Tower located
in Detroit’s downtown central business district and immediately
begins renovation to reflect Quicken Loans’ culture.

April 2011: Rock Ventures buys Two Detroit Center, a 1,095-space
parking garage located in the central business district.

May 2011: Skidmore Studio, a graphic design firm located in a nearby
suburb, announces it will become the anchor tenant in the M@dison

June 2011: Quicken Loans hires 200 interns to work in its downtown
Detroit office to expose students to the city and help end
Detroit’s ”
brain drain

The loss of skilled intellectual and technical labor through the movement of such labor to more favorable geographic, economic, or professional environments.

July 2011: Earvin “Magic” Johnson joins Detroit Venture
Partners to help fund start-up tech companies.

July 2011: Quicken Loans and four other downtown Detroit companies
unveil the “Live Downtown” program, which offers financial
incentives to team members who live in the city.

July 2011: Quicken Loans sponsors the debut of Somerset
Collection’s CityLoft, a pop-up shop open the last weekend of each
month in downtown Detroit with mini-versions of upscale stores, to bring
retail back to downtown Detroit.

August 2011: Rock Ventures purchases Detroit’s First National
Building to house more team members as well as other businesses.

August 2011: Rock Ventures acquires its fourth building, the
Dime Building

 located in downtown Detroit, along with the
Financial District Garage, an adjacent 983-space parking structure.

August 2011: Rock Ventures purchases the M@dison Parking Lot on
Broadway, adjacent to the M@dison Building.

September 2011: Quicken Loans hosts a job fair to fill 500 positions
in Detroit within the Family of Companies; 2,500 people line up around
the building to apply.

October 2011: An additional 2,000 Quicken Loans team members move
into the newly renovated Chase Tower.

December 2011: Rock Ventures completes the acquisition of three
additional properties in Downtown Detroit – the historic Wright-Kay

 red to brown variety of sandstone. Its unusual color is caused in some instances by the presence of red iron oxide which acts as a cement, binding the sand grains together.
, the Lane Bryant Building and the Arts League of Michigan

January 2012: Rock Ventures adds two more buildings to its real
estate portfolio – the historic Federal Reserve Building and 1550
Woodward Avenue, a one-story building to be utilized for retail or
commercial use.

February 2012: To encourage Detroit’s “brain gain,”
the Quicken Loans Family of Companies announces it will hire 600 paid
interns – 500 to work in Detroit to discover all the great things the
city has to offer.

April 2012: The Quicken Loans Family of Companies begins a
recruiting campaign to hire more than 1,400 team members, and launches
Valley to Detroit, a campaign aimed to bring laid-off Yahoo technology
professionals to Detroit from Silicon Valley.

April 2012: Rock Ventures and Chrysler hold a press conference to
announce that Chrysler will lease the top two floors of Rock
Ventures’ Dime Building and rename the building Chrysler House.

June 2012: Quicken Loans partners with other Detroit businesses to
create “IT in the D,” a program to give local university
students real-world experience to prepare them for tech jobs in

July 2012: Title Source, the largest independent provider of title
insurance, property valuations and settlement services in the nation,
begins move of 1,500 team members to downtown Detroit’s First
National Building.

October 2012: Rock Connections, a strategic marketing company that
provides experienced communications specialists, robust analytics, and
targeted selling strategies, moves 140 team members into the Chase Tower
Building in downtown Detroit’s growing tech hub.

October 2012: Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans launch Opportunity
Detroit with a national commercial narrated by Kid Rock on the Fox
television network during the fourth game of the World Series.

November 2012: Rock Ventures breaks ground on 33,000-square-foot
specialty retail development with 10-story parking garage in downtown

December 2012: Rock Ventures purchases One Woodward, a 26-story,
333,000- square-foot building located in Detroit’s Central Business

December 2012: Metro-West Appraisal, the nation’s largest
independent residential real estate appraisal company, announces it will
move its national headquarters to downtown Detroit’s Chrysler House
in March 2013.

December 2012: Rock Ventures adds five buildings to its real estate
portfolio: 1201 Woodward (Kresge Building), 1217 Woodward, 1412
Woodward, 1301 Broadway (Cary Building Lofts) and 1521 Broadway (Small
Plates Building) for a total of 120,000 square feet of space.

January 2013 : Rock Gaming, Rock Ventures’ Detroit-based gaming
partnership announced one of its
affiliated companies

, Athens
Acquisition LLC, has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority
interest in Greektown Superholdings Inc., owner of the Greektown
Casino-Hotel located in downtown Detroit

February 2013: The Roasting Plant, a unique and innovative coffee
shop, opens in the Rock Ventures-owned First National Building. The
Detroit location is Roasting Plant’s first shop outside of New York

March 2013: Rock Ventures acquires the 23-story 1001 Woodward office
tower, located in the heart of Detroit’s emerging tech district.
The building was built in 1965 for the First Federal
Savings and Loan
 n. a banking and lending institution, chartered either by a state or the Federal government. Savings and loans only make loans secured by real property from deposits, upon which they pay interest slightly higher than that paid by most banks.
Detroit and features 275,000 square feet of Class-A office space.

March 2013: Rock Ventures, The Downtown Detroit Partnership (

and the Detroit Economic Growth Corp. (DEGC) announce an extraordinary
placemaking plan for Detroit’s urban core. As part of the plan,
Rock Ventures launches Opportunity Detroit’s international design
competition for a new signature project that will sit on the historic
Hudson’s Department Store site.

March 2013: Rock Ventures acquires the historic 12-story Albert
Kahn-designed Vinton Building. Built in 1917, the 44,000 square foot
building was added to the Michigan Register of Historic Places in 1982
and the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

March 2013: Rock Ventures signs master lease agreements with the
Schostak Brothers and Farbman Group to manage more than 60,000 square
feet of first floor retail along the Woodward Corridor in downtown
Detroit. The properties include 12 storefronts along the 1200 and 1400
blocks of Woodward Avenue.

March 2013 : Rock Ventures announced popular grocer Papa Joe’s
Gourmet Market and Catering will occupy 15,000 square feet of the First
National Building, steps from
Campus Martius Park

 in downtown

April 2013: Rock Gaming affiliate company acquires a majority
interest in downtown Detroit’s Greektown Casino-Hotel with vision
to better connect to the Woodward corridor.

May 2013: Rock Ventures announced ROSSETTI, an international
architectural planning and design firm will move its headquarters to the
historic Federal Reserve Building, located in the heart of
Detroit’s rapidly expanding business district at Fort and Shelby

June 2013: Rock Ventures acquired the 1238 Randolph Building in the
Historic Greektown neighborhood. The former Serman’s building
offers a unique retail opportunity with store frontage that wraps around
the corner.


Businesses located to downtown Detroit by Rock Ventures since August

More than 85 companies have located in Rock Ventures-owned buildings
in downtown Detroit over the past 34 months:

M@dison Building

— 50,000 square feet — 100 percent occupied

* Twitter: A real-time information network that connects people to
the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news

* Skidmore Studio: A leading creative design firm occupying 9,780
square feet of space

* Detroit Venture Partners (

See delivery versus payment (DVP).
): A venture capital firm
specializing in funding early stage technology businesses

* Detroit Labs: A leader in the development of

, iOS and
web-based applications

* UpTo: A new social platform focused on the future tense, allowing
users to easily share calendar events

* : A website that brings the word-of-mouth referral
process online

At the home of; at or by.

[French, from Old French, from Latin casa, cottage, hut.]


at the home of [French]
 Zara: A full-service espresso bar that specializes in
exceptional espresso drinks and organic teas

* Bizdom: A non-profit entrepreneurship accelerator for budding web
and tech-based startups in Detroit and Cleveland (Bizdom Detroit was
previously housed in Wayne State University’s Tech Town)

* Are You a Human: The answer to frustrating

 entries, Are
You a Human uses fun games to verify the authenticity of people
completing online forms

* Doodle Home: A virtual studio for interior designers to run their
business more efficiently

* Uber: Provides on-demand luxury car service through a smartphone

* TextsFromLastNight (Detroit office): An accidental startup born
out of a viral sensation, now one of the leading user-generated content
sites for 20-somethings

* Ludlow Ventures: An angel and seed-stage venture capital firm
investing in web and digital technologies

* Rockbot: A social jukebox app that lets you be the DJ at your
favorite bars, restaurants, gyms, and stores

* LevelEleven: Developed SalesContestBuilder, a hybrid of a
Facebook, fantasy football, and online gaming, to create goal-based

* Exxodus Pictures: A production company whose first feature film,


, is now in post-production

* Cup of Zup: Uniquely amusing pop-culture e-newsletter and

* Quikly: Short-term deals exclusively for college students

* Wedit: A fun, easy, and affordable way to capture, edit, and share
wedding memories through the use of HD Flip cameras

* Thrillist Detroit: Free weekly email that finds the best of
what’s new in your neighborhood and on the web

* Facility Matrix Group (
 1 Foreign medical graduate, see there 2. Frequency modulation generator
): The area’s pre-eminent provider
of office furniture

* Apigee: Enables businesses and developers to deliver
well-designed, scalable APIs and apps, drive developer adoption, and
extract business value from their API ecosystem

 [Eng. form of Fr.,=lion’s tooth], any plant of the genus Taraxacum of the family Asteraceae (aster family), perennial herbs of wide distribution in temperate regions.
 Detroit: A venture philanthropy consultancy and civic
innovation lab

* 1[] & Goal Recruiting: Provides advanced statistical
analytics and performance prediction for college football recruiting

* A website that allows you to have real-time rap battles
around the world

* Backstitch: Provides a clean and consistent experience for
managing your personal web

* Whip Hand Cosmetics: Cosmetic company that celebrates today’s
modern women while being manufactured in Detroit, Michigan

* Brys & Edgewood: A company that produces


 or d.i.y. Brit, Austral & NZ do-it-yourself

abbr DIY
do it yourself
1. A sweet creamy sugar paste used in candies and icings.

2. A candy containing this paste.

[French, from present participle of fondre, to melt
 kits and
cupcake kits that are easy enough for anyone to make at home

* Chalkfly: An office and school supply company that is rooted in
giving back to teachers across the nation while providing customers with
quality office supplies, innovative technology, and exceptional

* SKUServe: Cloud-based international foreign language translation
and interpreters marketplace

* GuidesMob: A mobile app company that creates college guides for
iPhones and Androids

* TubeMogul: The leader in programmatic brand marketing

* Grand Circus: A work-force development company providing
world-class tech and entrepreneurship training in a co-working space

* Innovid: Visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver,
and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher, or
ad network

* Silverpop: Adigital marketing technology provider that unifies
marketing automation, email, mobile, and social

Chase Tower

— 524,000 square feet — 100 percent occupied

* Quicken Loans: The nation’s largest online mortgage

* In-House Realty: A real estate services company matching clients
with pre-screened real estate agents in their local community across the

First National Building

— 800,000 square feet — 95 percent occupied

* Title Source: The largest independent provider of title insurance,
property valuations and settlement services in the nation

* Papa Joes Gourmet Market & Catering: A gourmet market that
will include delivery and table service as well as a full liquor license
(scheduled to open the end of 2013)

* Aerotek: A leading staffing agency that matches qualified
candidates with top companies worldwide

* Roasting Plant: New York-based coffee company with unique Javabot
roasting technology

* Salon Detroit: A hair and nail salon (scheduled to open in Summer

* Campus Commandos: An advertising agency helping brands market
their products and services to college students

Chrysler House

— Former Dime Building — 330,000 square feet — 98 percent

* Chrysler Group LLC: Automotive company that produces Chrysler,
Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Mopar,

 and Fiat vehicles and products

* Quicken Loans: The nation’s largest online mortgage

* The Professional Group: A full-service janitorial and building
services company

* Rock Connections: A strategic marketing company that provides
experienced communications specialists, robust analytics, and targeted
selling strategies

* Metro-West Appraisal: The nation’s largest independent
residential real estate appraisal company

* Just Baked: Specialty cupcake shop and bakery

* Rehmann: A company offering accounting, tax planning and financial
consulting services

* Allied Printing Company: Provides printing, information
management, and warehouse & fulfillment services

* Hubbard Snitchler & Parzianello PLC: Provides world-class
legal service

* Professional : Moving company that specializes in
providing local, long distance, and international relocation services
for people and businesses

* Elite Fire Safety: A one-stop-shop for fire safety needs

* EverStaff: Recruits the most skilled and qualified professionals
for organizations of all sizes


 Holding Company: A real estate information technology company
ensuring compliance and streamlines workflow for major mortgage leaders,
servicers and community and regional banks


: A company specializing in security, network and system

* Metro Consulting: A full-service civil engineering and land
surveying consultancy

* Reliance One: A full-service staffing firm


 Marketview: A lead management company for automotive

* Corby Energy: Providing construction, engineering and

 Psychology Non-health care-related ancillary services–eg, transportation, financial aid, support groups, homemaker services, respite services, and other services
 to utilities and related businesses

* Core Merchant: Easy and convenient credit payment solutions for

* Young and Sons, Drying and Restoration Specialists: A full-service
24-hour drying and restoration service

* RSIG Security-Midwest, Inc. and Actron Integrated Security (AIS)
Systems: The highest quality security solution for its partners

* Qstride, Inc.: A leading analytics solutions provider that helps
companies turn data into business intelligence

* Diamond Recovery Property Restoration: A full-service emergency
restoration company

* P.I.C. Maintenance, Inc.: Specializing in commercial facility
maintenance and janitorial services

* Harmony Point CTC: IT workforce development company trains
students for high skill, high demand, high wage technology jobs

* Lindemann Miller Siderius

 : A law firm specializing in the
representation of insurers and reinsurers in coverage disputes

* RAM Construction: The oldest and most experienced waterproofing
and restoration contractor in the United States

* Communication Associates: Providing marketing and creative

* Michigan Historic Preservation Network: the statewide preservation
organization dedicated to saving Michigan’s diverse historic

* Just Topped: Specialty ice cream shop (scheduled to open in June

One Woodward

— 333,000 square feet — 95 percent occupied

* Quicken Loans: The nation’s largest online mortgage

1001 Woodward

— 275,000 square feet — 88 percent occupied

* Quicken Loans: The nation’s largest online mortgage

* Friedman Real Estate: A full-service real estate and brokerage

* Other tenants include GalaxE.Solutions, Meridian Health Plan, the
University of Phoenix and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

), among others

Federal Reserve Building

— 150,000 square feet

* ROSSETTI: An international architectural planning and design firm
servicing clients across a spectrum of markets, including sports and
entertainment, corporate, hospitality and retail

Lofts of Merchant Row (master lease)

— 45,000 square feet of first floor retail space — 9 store fronts
— 1200 and 1400 blocks Woodward Avenue (on the west side of the street
between Grand River and State Street) — 77 percent occupied

* Moosejaw: The quirky national outdoor retailer selling outdoor
gear and apparel

* Detroit Shoppe: A shop showcasing the people, places and products
that have shaped the city of Detroit

Woodward Lofts (master lease)

— 15,000 square feet of first floor retail space — 3 store fronts
— 1400 block Woodward Avenue (on the east side of the street between
Grand River and John R) — 19 percent occupied

1528 Woodward

— Former Arts League Building — 45,146 square feet — 62 percent

* Sachse Construction: Offering premium commercial construction
services nationwide

1500 Woodward

— Former Wright Kay Building — 19,000 square feet — 61 percent

* Neumann/Smith Architecture: Specializing in architecture and
interior design

* Avalon Films: A boutique, full-service production company with
affiliate offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto

* Hudson Editorial: Specializing in creative editorial, graphics,
visual effects and audio finishing

Rock Ventures-related companies leasing space in downtown Detroit:

Compuware Building

— 1,088,000 square feet — Rock Ventures-related businesses leases
four floors (244,000 square feet)

* Quicken Loans: The nation’s largest online mortgage

* Rock Ventures: An umbrella entity formed to provide operational
coordination, guidance, and integration of Dan Gilbert’s portfolio
of companies, investments and real estate

* Fathead: The Real.Big. brand of officially licensed sports and
entertainment graphics products

* Bedrock Real Estate Services: Rock Ventures’ full-service
real estate firm, specializing in purchasing, leasing, financing,
developing and managing of commercial space

* Rockbridge Growth Equity: A Detroit-based private equity firm that
invests in mid-stage financial and business services, consumer-direct
marketing, and sports, media & entertainment industries

* Rock Gaming: A gaming partnership formed with an initial focus to
develop full-service casinos in two of Ohio’s largest cities, as
well as to explore other potential gaming opportunities elsewhere

* Rock Companies: A real estate investment, development,
construction and management company focusing on commercial, residential
single and multi-family investments in Florida, Michigan,
North Carolina
 state in the SE United States. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (E), South Carolina and Georgia (S), Tennessee (W), and Virginia (N).
Facts and Figures

Area, 52,586 sq mi (136,198 sq km). Pop.
 and Ohio

* Quizzle: Website that gives consumers a complete understanding of
their credit so they can make better financial decisions

* BodyPartChart: Over-sized graphics that can be used to explain
illnesses and procedures and bring new life to dull medical offices and

One Detroit Center

— 957,355 square feet — Quicken Loans and One Reverse Mortgage
lease three floors (75,000 square feet)

* Quicken Loans: The nation’s largest online mortgage

* One Reverse Mortgage: The largest reverse-only mortgage lender in
America and second largest retail provider of reverse mortgage home

SOURCE Rock Ventures