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-Citi launches Citi Offset Mortgage.

Global Banking News-April 25, 2013–Citi launches Citi Offset
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Global Banking News – 25 April 2013

Citigroup, Inc (

: C) has announced that it has launched the
Citi Offset Mortgage, a new programme for Citi first mortgage customers.

The bank said that the facility would allow customers to use their
savings account

 balances to earn rewards that are paid against
their mortgage balance.

Sanjiv Das, president and

 of CitiMortgage, said,
‘We’re constantly listening to our customers, and we
understand that paying off their loans faster and paying less interest
is important. With Citi Offset Mortgage, our customers also enjoy the
peace of mind that they can access their savings for any need or for
emergencies. We recognize that our customers’ needs are
continuously evolving and as an organization, we are committed to
offering financial solutions that help reduce complexities in their
financial lives. This new program is unique in that it helps our
customers optimize their financial portfolio, better manage their debt
and allows their money to work harder while maintaining complete

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