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Freeport Capital Inc. (CNSX: FAS) Hybrid PayTech Asia Enters Into Partnership LOI With The Gemini Group Of Companies In The Philippines.

MONTREAL and MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –
Freeport Capital (CNSX: FAS), – a leader on Mobile Credit and PIN Debit
payment solutions, announces that it subsidiary HybridPaytech Asia
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 (BOS) a0x20 division of
The Gemini Group of Companies (

GGC Gwasanaeth Gwaed Cymru
GGC Generalized Goppa Code
GGC Grosvenor Gallery Company
) http://www.ggc.ph0x20 announced
today that they have signed a Letter of Intent to enter into a
partnership and a license agreement. The Letter of Intent describes
BOS’s intent to license HYBRID’s extensive Mobile Payment
Ecosystem, which contains access to all HYBRID’s Mobile payment
systems, development and hardware.

Becoming a HYBRID licensee provides access to additional products
and services to deliver secure, safe and easy mobile payment globally.
As HYBRID partner, BOS will have access to HybridPaytech Asia’s
extensive banking and switching relationships to enable BOS to
effectively market HYBRID’s full suite of services throughout the
Philippine’s and Asia and in addition Hybrid and BOS will be
jointly developing new payment options and platforms to support
BOS’s clientele.

“HYBRID’s Mobile Payment Ecosystem and client portfolio is
a strong and critical element to our business strategy,” said Mr
Alfredo Aquino, President of BOS. “Our alliance with HYBRID gives
us access to wireless payment technology and allows us the freedom to
focus on delivering Payment and Remittance solutions to our existing
clientele, Philippine/Asian banks, their merchant portfolios, other
Financial Instutitions and select Governmental Agencies.” In
addition BOS and HybridPaytech Asia are also working together with
partner banks to test the Hybrid Mobile technology to support the
payroll-driven Overseas Filipino Workers sector.

Hybridpaytech Asia Inc, President Gary Repchuk indicates
“HYBRID combines scale and expertise to structure sophisticated
partnerships with global clients that require a global payment solution.
We will enable companies to strengthen their market position by
providing access to Hybrids mobile payment platform. Setting up a
partnership with BOS and collaborating with their banking relationships
provides HYBRID with a strong and established partnership that has
proven itself as the preeminent Bank Outsourcing Company in the

About Philippine Remittances

North Americas is host to roughly 5 million Overseas Filipinos and
is the biggest contributor (almost 50%) to the more

20.0 billion
inward remittances into the Philippines (coursed thru formal channels).
Next is the Middle East where there are over 2.5 million
“remitting” OFWs who generate a little less than 30% of the
volume. The remainder of volumes are generated by OFW’s working
within Asia

About the PHILIPPINES: Population (2011): 101,833,936 with
92,227,0000×20 Mobile Cellular Users (2010): – Increasing amount of
smart phone (I-Phone, Androids, Blackberry) that are becoming more main
stream and cheaper in cost.

About Gemini Group of Companies In 1996 the original corporation
that is now the Gemini Group of Companies started providing very
affordable and efficient door -to – door remittance service for
Filipinos in Canada. Since that time the company has transitioned to
providing delivery and fulfillment services for the entire banking,
non-banking and specifically the large international remittance
companies which are now part of of GGC’s valued clients.0x20 The
Gemini Group of Companies has several subsidiaries and until recently
was better known in the banking industry as:0x200x200x20

Gemini Exchange International, Inc.;

Signed and Delivered, Inc.;

St. Clair Security, Inc.;

BOS-Banks Outsourcing Services,;

Gemini Express;


. Inc.;

BOS Security Solutions & Services0x20

Within Canada and amongst their Filipino-Canadian clients the
“Gemini Express” brand is recognized as the company through
which they accept and process remittances (over the counter via Cash and
INTERAC) as a licensed Canadian Money Services Business company.0x20
Fulfillment is completed the same or next day by one of the above GGC
companies via:

Door to Door Cash Delivery or Home Cash Delivery0x20

Direct credit (

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) or over the counter deposit to all major

Cash Pick Up services at our own front stores and partnered with few
chain of stores with thousands of payout outlets.

Issuance of their own co-branded Cash Cards with
Banco De Oro

Visa Cards with Chinatrust Bank

Because of the above diversity of delivery options GGC is the
approved fulfillment partner of all major
banks in the Philippines

, and
the large International Remittance Companies that dominate the

With their success GGC then ventured into and succeeded to higher
levels of service through their subsidiaries: Bank Outsourcing Company
by providing CIT-Cash in Transit companies for more than a decade.0x20
In addition to Cash-In-Transit (Armored Vans) services to the Philippine
banking industry,0x20 Gemini deploys ATM’s and P.O.S. machines
including the launching of Philippines first mobile ATM.
Exchange Trading

 (GEMINI FOREX) and retail Money Exchange and Pawnshop
facilities (Subic Money Changer) are also part of the GGC family.

BOS is the premier bank outsourcing company in the Philippines.

About Freeport Capital Inc.

First Equity Strategy

 (DBA; Hybrid Paytech and Hybridpaytech
Asia Inc are subsidiaries of Freeport Capital Inc. Based in Montreal,
Canada and manila Philippines; Hybrid Paytech is a technology leader in
the mobile payment space for EMV, Credit and Pin Debit acceptance
offering an

 (Enterprise Ready Platform) enabling Processors &
Acquirers with quick merchant adoption solutions. With a global
footprint, Hybrid is an enabler of easily deployable payment systems for
Smartphones & Tablets focusing on Encryption & Authentication
for Merchants in the Fleet, Delivery, Logistics, Transit, Government,
Hospitality and Retail industry “on the go”.

For further information on Hybrid, please visit
www.hybridpaytech.com and click on our corporate video presentation

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