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Hit the Road this Summer with up to $15,000 in Free Gasoline from the Illinois Lottery.

Free Gas lottery instant game offers 700+ Gas Card prizes, plus over
$7 million in cash prizes

CHICAGO, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the summer
travel season, the Illinois Lottery has launched a new Free Gasinstant
lottery game. Under The Good Life family of games, the Free Gas game
offers more than 700 Gas Card prizes ranging from $650 to $15,000 worth
of gasoline-and the Illinois Lottery will pay state withholding taxes on
behalf of winners of any prizes of $1300 or more and federal withholding
taxes on behalf of winners of $15,000. In addition, the game offers more
than $7 million in cash prizes.


“The lottery thought that offering an instant game with free
gasoline was a great idea for summer,” said Lottery Superintendent

Michael Jones

. “Part of the American Good Life is hitting the
highway for a
summer vacation

, going to a ball game, or visiting
friends. Now you can take a chance by purchasing a Free Gas instant
ticket to avoid high gas prices knowing that if you don’t win one
of the lottery gas cards you are helping schools and building roads and
bridges in our beautiful state.”

“This new ticket is an essential component in our efforts to
expand our player base and offer prizes other than cash under our Good
Life brand. Free Gas is a new concept and the Illinois Lottery is the
only state to have such a ticket. We’re looking forward to see how
this game performs, especially in light of rising gas prices,” said
Northstar Lottery Group

 Marco Tasso.

How it works: The Free Gas instant ticket features a traditional
key-number match-play style that allows consumers to easily determine if
they win by matching any of their numbers to either of the two winning
numbers printed on each ticket. Uncover a
fuel pump

A mechanical or electrical pump for drawing fuel from a storage tank and forcing it to an engine or furnace. The type of pump chosen for a given fuel depends to a great extent on the volatility of the liquid to be pumped.
 symbol to win a free
gas card up to $15,000. Gas prizes are paid via a Gas
Debit Card
 card that allows the cost of goods or services that are purchased to be deducted directly from the purchaser’s checking account. They can also be used at automated teller machines for withdrawing cash from the user’s checking account.
Bank of America

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
. The gas cards can be used for purchases at fuel
providers throughout the United States.

Free Gas does not offer a cash option on gas prizes. Overall odds of
winning a prize on the Free Gas instant ticket are 1-in-4.48. This $2
game is now available at more than 8,100 Lottery retailers

For more information on Free Gas, please visit

About Illinois Lottery Founded in 1974, the Illinois Lottery has
contributed more than $17.5 billion to the state’s Common School
Fund to assist K-12 public schools, as well as millions to the Capital
Projects Fund. The Lottery encourages responsible play. All players must
be at least 18 years old.

About The Good Life Family of games The Good Life instant tickets
are offered at four different price points–$1, $2, $5 and $10. And with
top prizes of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 and $10,000 a week for 20 years,
grand prize Good Life winners will receive their prize in quarterly
payments during each of the 20 years. There are no cash options
available for top prizes under The Good Life games.

SOURCE Illinois Lottery