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“Piggy bank” off of FSLSO’s new savings options.


As the economic challenges from 2009 continue to
spill over

2010, people everywhere are looking for ways to pinch pennies and
maximize the efficiencies of time. The Florida Surplus Lines Service
Office (

) has developed various client-based tools designed to
assist its customers in becoming leaner, greener, more compliant

The FSLSO newest communications campaign encourages its member
agents to “piggy bank on savings” as a way to help them
maintain their
compliance requirements

 and become more efficient and
effective for their customers.

Visitors to have immediate access to a variety of
resources and tools designed to help them save time and energy while
reducing postage, human error, and preserving the environment. To find
these tools, visitors need only to look for one of the many piggy banks
scattered throughout FSLSO’s web site.

“We created our ‘Piggy Bank on Savings’ page as a

 for all the various tools that have been developed to
help our members be more efficient in their day-to-day activities, as
well as to be more effective for their customers and more compliant as
industry members,” explained FSLSO’s Public Information
Manager Ashlee Weber.

Going Green

Over the past few years, FSLSO has pushed to create and modify its
services to be less paper dependent while giving customers the option to
perform many of their routine duties, like

 submittal and
invoice payment, electronically. These services provide customers with
the ability to save on paper, envelopes, postage, and overnight fees, as
well as the cost of voiding and reissuing incorrect payments. Since
these tools are offered as
free services

 to FSLSO customers, agencies
can maximize their efficiency and economical prudence at a time when
both are vital to success.

The advantages of using less paper serves to benefit both FSLSO and
its customers as it means a reduction in expenses to purchase printing
materials (ink and paper) and storage needs. Switching to systems that
are paperless helps to remove unnecessary clutter through the
maintenance of hard copies, and also goes along with various green
initiatives that many offices are now implementing.

FSLSO Chief Operations Officer Sean Fisher commented, “We have
always strived to be a ‘paperless organization’ as we have
never accepted paper policy submissions. We are furthering that vision
through several of our other services like electronic invoicing and the
electronic affidavit submission so that we can decrease the amount of
paper that our office must maintain and that our customers would
otherwise have to provide.”

Improving Efficiencies

Recognizing that time and energy are always of the essence in any
business, FSLSO has several existing resources that are geared to
maximize agent efficiency with regard to researching products and
surplus lines insurers, as well as quote writing. Energy and time saving
tools such as market data reports, insurer financial data reports, and a
coverage search engine
capitalize on

v. t. 1. To turn (an opportunity) to one’s advantage; to take advantage of (a situation); to profit from; as, to  an opponent’s mistakes s>.
 the advantages of finding
information with minimal effort. These applications grant users the
option to explore trends in the surplus lines marketplace, obtain
specific information for a particular surplus lines carrier, search for
coverage, and provide contact information for agents writing certain
types of coverage with just a few key strokes.

While getting a quote together can be taxing, FSLSO’s
tax/fee/assessment calculator gives agents an edge on time by providing
instant calculations for the applicable taxes, fees, and assessments on
a specific policy.

Agents need only enter specific policy information into the
calculator’s policy information fields and select
“Calculate” to retrieve a printable page with applicable
amounts concerning taxes, fees, and assessment calculations.

SLIP Continues to Advance

FSLSO has also pushed a variety of time and energy saving resources
through its web-based filing mechanism, SLIP (Surplus Lines Information
Portal). Within SLIP, agents and their staff have access to various
reports designed to help them better manage their surplus lines filings
by allowing them to view and correct questioned transactions (TIQs),
learn about late submissions, and run their Agent Report Card.

SLIP also helps agents save time by giving them a platform to
electronically submit their quarterly affidavit and update their
catastrophe contact information.

Additionally, SLIP now provides the means for agents to pay all
invoices instantly with its newly implemented E-Pay system. Rather than
cutting checks for multiple entities, agents may log into their SLIP
account, select the “Pay Invoices” tab, and find immediate
access to their outstanding invoices and an electronic means of payment.
The new E-Pay system gives agents an effective and efficient alternative
to get their payments in on time and accurately, leading to a reduction
of payment

 and late payment penalties.

The FSLSO was created by the
Florida Legislature

 as a
self-regulating, not-for-profit association to protect its
customers’ interests by facilitating compliance and providing
assistance and information regarding Florida’s surplus lines
insurance marketplace. FSLSO has endeavored to facilitate the placement
and taxation of surplus lines insurance by utilizing leading edge
technology to maximize efficiency and developing innovative customer

With this vision as the backbone for process and program
improvement, FSLSO has pushed to develop client-based tools that assist
Florida’s surplus lines community to better manage their compliance
requirements and be more efficient for their customers.

For more information about the featured customer resources above,
please visit the FSLSO web site at and click on the
“Piggy Bank on Savings” link.

Holly Grissom is the

 Collections Specialist at the Florida
Surplus Lines Service Office. She may be reached at 800-562-4496, ext.
127, or