How Often Can Your Bank Account Be Garnished helps Landscape Contractors Enter the Age of Technology…Finally.

New Consumer Web Site helps bridge the gap between consumers and

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, N.H., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — This spring, one
web-based service is bridging the gap between homeowners who want to be
heard on demand and contractors who are struggling to grow their, an “auto-estimating” program allows
consumers looking for lawn and landscape contractors to engage in a
“self-serve” styled estimating process. By using satellite
images to measure and inspect their properties the homeowner is then
provided an exact estimate for services that the contractor is offering.
Essentially what does is allow contractors who use the
service to have an army of sales people on staff twenty-four hours a


The developer of the program, Luke Tomanek, says the response has
been overwhelming: “What we are seeing is that consumers are giving
themselves estimates on a schedule that defies the industry’s nine
to five
business hours

. We knew that consumers wanted ease of use and
convenience when shopping for services, what we didn’t know was how
badly they needed it.” Dick Conley of BeeSafe Lawns agreed with
Tomanek’s sentiments: “Our Company wants to break the
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 lawn care company and has
forwarded that notion twenty fold. Seldom do you think of lawn care
businesses as forward thinking but that’s what we want to
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 and made that happen. We are taking orders twenty four
hours a day and our business is exploding.”

In an industry that has been slow to adapt to the “on
demand” informational requirements of today’s consumer, is changing the rules in a way that is helping
contractors grow their business. “One thing that we didn’t
expect to see was the number of conversions as they relate to
pre-payments,” mentioned Tomanek. “We are seeing about 40% of
the conversions actually prepaying the contractor directly through
MyLawnQuote and cash in the contractor’s accounts is what drives
business.” is an affordable subscription based service ($25 –
$49 per month) that is located in Nashua, NH and available to
contractors nationwide. offers multiple marketing
solutions to lawn care companies that focus on innovative and modern

For more information on, please contact: Luke
Tomanek at 1-888-297-4163 and Also visit their web
site at