How To Avoid Bank Fees

If I withdraw money from within a foreign bank instead of using ATM’s can I avoid or reduce withdrawal fees?

I am from the U.S. but I am currently studying abroad in Denmark and everytime I go to withdraw money from the ATM it charges me $20 for the transaction. Furthermore, it won’t let me take out more that $200 at a time which is really frustrating. I know I will have to pay a conversion fee no matter what but is it possible for me to just go into the bank and withdraw money in person and avoid such a large withdrawal fee? Even if they do charge me the fee would I be able to withdraw more money at one time and thus save money on withdrawal fees? Any other ideas about how to avoid bank fees abroad? Thanks.

I see two things that can be causing the fee and the 200 USD limit;
1, The fee is charged by your bank back home in the US for sending the money to the Danish bank so you can widraw it.
2, The Danish ATM operator is charging you for using a foreign card.

If any of those two possibilities is correct my solution would be that you should open an account in a Danish bank and transfer your money to your new account and get a card for same account, that way there will be no international transfers or use of foreign cards when you need some money and it should all be sorted out.

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