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Byline: TimTwiddy

Sunny outlook brings optimism House prices seem to be on the rise
according to

1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of:

2. In keeping with:

 figures from major lenders with both the Halifax and
Nationwide reporting increases over the last year of two per cent and s
1.1 per cent respectively.

These are averaged figures based on their own lending data, hence
the difference, and there are also regional differences with increases
in London and the South
East of England

 ahead of the rest of the UK.
Does this show renewed optimism in the housing market or is it just a
reflection of the general rate of inflation? Or is all the money
printing that has been taking place and boosting stock markets around
the world finally filtering out into the real world and affecting the
price of
other assets

Assets of relatively small value. For financial reporting purposes, firms frequently combine small assets into a single category rather than listing each item separately.
? With continuing low interest rates and some help
from the government in the form of their Help to Buy scheme, which
effectively reduces the level of deposit required by new buyers, there
are certainly indications that property prices could be at least

This has to be good news and if we can just improve on the
availability of finance for ordinary borrowers then we could be seeing
the resurrection of the housing market.

It is nice to have some good news and it is sunny outside as well
so there are two reasons to be cheerful this weekend. Some low mortgage
rates are listed below: A low fixed rate..

One high street lender with a low fixed rate deal is
Royal Bank of

, which is offering 1.74 per cent until 31/10/2015, followed by
the standard variable rate of four per cent, currently.

There is an arrangement fee of PS1995 and the early redemption
penalties are three per cent before 31/10/2015.

The maximum amount you can borrow is 60 per cent of the value of
the property. The deal is portable.

.. and another A fixed rate deal of 1.74 per cent for a slightly
shorter period, until 30/06/2015, is available from Tesco Bank. There is
a lower arrangement fee of PS1300 and a booking fee of PS195. The
redemption penalties are three per cent until 30/06/2014 and two per
cent until 30/06/2015 plus PS90. The maximum amount you can borrow is
the same at 60 per cent of the value of the property and the product is

A low variable rate If you are comfortable that rates aren’t
going to go up in the short term,

HSBC Humane Society of Bay County  
 Bank has an alternative discount
variable rate deal with a rate of 1.75 per cent for 24 months, followed
by the standard variable rate of 3.94 per cent. There is no arrangement
fee, but there is a booking fee of PS1999. The penalties are two per
cent until 31/08/2014 and one per cent until 31/08/2015. The loan is
available up to 60 per cent of the value of the property and the deal is
portable so you can take it with you if you decide to move.

There are thousands of deals available and they change frequently.
It makes sense to take independent advice about which is best for you.

This mortgage selection was compiled by chartered
financial planner

 Tim Twiddy, of Atlantic Investors. Call 0800 163659 or visit