Illinois Teen Learns About Bank Fees The Hard

A Classic example of the baking sector cheats, ripping of poor working kids and students?

amongst others. First they cheated the home buyers and the elderly, now they are after young kids. Will they ever stop.

ABC NewsBy SUSANNA KIM | ABC News – Mon, Dec 12, 2011. Illinois Teen Learns About Bank Fees the Hard Way (ABC News)

Melinda Ganziano of McCullom Lake, Ill., wanted to introduce her son to the basics of banking, but he ended up with $229 in fees in two weeks with a balance of just $4.85.

Ganziano, a 55-year-old mother of five children, encouraged her fourth child, Daniel, 18, to set up a savings account at a nearby TCF Bank “out of convenience” due to its location.

Ganziano and her son discovered that the bank offered little convenience due to the growing number of bank fees, as first reported by the Chicago Tribune.


We The People must END THE FED and stop all this foolishness