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Symetra Pension Reserve Funds: ‘The Future of Lifetime Income’.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Option in Symetra True Variable Annuity

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Advisers in search of reliable retirement income
solutions for their clients have an innovative new tool with Symetra
True Variable Annuity. Through True VA, clients have the ability to
reserve guaranteed annual lifetime income while retaining flexibility by
investing in specific Symetra Pension Reserve Funds sub-advised by
Russell Investments.1

“As defined benefit plans have become less prevalent, they have
been replaced by defined contribution or cash balance plans. The Symetra
Pension Reserve Fund Sub-Accounts were created to offer some of the
attributes of these plans — offering both the certainty of defined
benefit plans with the flexibility of defined contribution and cash
balance plans,” said Dan Guilbert, executive vice president of
Symetra Life Insurance Company’s Retirement Division. “We
believe this is the future of lifetime income.”

Symetra Pension Reserve Funds (

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) offer:

Control — Whether clients want to guarantee a minimum amount of
income to meet basic needs or secure a higher amount to maintain a
current standard of living, they can choose how much income they want
and when they want payments to begin. And unlike other income solutions
on the market, clients can manage their income streams by the calendar
year in which payments are to begin — allowing them to build a ladder
of increasing income.

Transparency — Clients purchase units in any of the Symetra
Pension Reserve Funds Sub-Accounts that correspond to their year of
birth. Each unit provides $1 of guaranteed annual lifetime income
starting at a specific date. No complicated illustration or software is
needed; for $10,000 of annual lifetime income, the client simply
purchases 10,000 units.2

Flexibility — Clients have the flexibility to change their mind
without penalty prior to a PRF’s termination date,3 giving them
control over the liquidity of their assets. They may transfer contract
value in or out of the PRF sub-accounts at any time without charge.
Prior to the PRF termination date, clients determine whether they want
to receive the guaranteed annual income or take the PRF’s current
value and explore other opportunities. They also may consider other
payout options available at then-current rates. If clients elect to
receive the annual income, the units will be annuitized for lifetime

Key features include:

* Guaranteed Income Start Date — Clients pick a fund based on
their year of birth and available calendar year start dates. Income
start dates range from 2016 to 2028 with four-year intervals.

* Pre-Income Stream Flexibility — There is broad flexibility for
clients to change the income start date; select or change multiple
income stream start dates; increase or decrease income stream(s); or opt
in or opt out of income stream(s).

* Pre-Income Stream Death Benefit — Through an optional Wealth
Transfer Benefit Rider, beneficiaries can receive 100 percent of the
contract value, plus an additional 50 percent of the contract’s
investment gains to help offset taxes.

* Income Stream Payments — Clients receive the greater of the
guaranteed amount or amount based on Symetra’s then-current
life annuity


For more information about Symetra True Variable Annuity, click here
to access the product brochure or visit For advisers
interested in a selling agreement, call 1-855-TRUEVAS

About Symetra

Symetra Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Symetra Financial
Corporation (


), a diversified financial services company based
in Bellevue, Wash. In business since 1957, Symetra provides employee
benefits, annuities and life insurance through a national network of
benefit consultants, financial institutions, and independent agents and
advisers. For more information, visit

Before investing, carefully consider the investment objectives,
risks, charges and expenses. This and other information is contained in
the contract prospectus and the underlying fund prospectuses. You may
call or write your Registered Representative or Symetra for free copies
of the prospectuses or visit for online copies. Please
read them carefully before investing.

Securities are distributed by Symetra Securities, Inc. (

Symetra True Variable Annuity is a flexible premium deferred variable
annuity issued by Symetra Life Insurance Company (

). Contract form
number is

12_RC1, and Wealth Transfer Benefit rider form number is
ICC12_RE1 in most states and is not available in all U.S. states or any
U.S. territory. SSI and SLIC are affiliates and are both located at 777
108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004-5135.

Variable annuities, which are suitable for long-term investing, are
subject to market risks, including the loss of principal invested. Like
many variable annuities, this contract has terms and limitations for
keeping it in force. Please contact your Registered Representative for
complete details.

Not a bank or credit union deposit or obligation. Not

See Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
NCUA/NCUSIF Insured. Not Insured by any federal government agency. Not
guaranteed by any bank or credit union. May lose value.

Symetra Life Insurance Company does not provide investment, legal or
tax advice.

Guarantees and benefits are subject to the claims-paying ability of
Symetra Life Insurance Company.

The Symetra Pension Reserve Funds are not insured by the
Benefit Guaranty Corporation



Withdrawals may be subject to federal income taxes and a 10%

 early withdrawal tax penalty may also apply for amounts taken prior to
age 59u . The Contract owner should Consult his or her attorney or tax
advisor for more information.

Certain conditions, restrictions and limitations are associated with
the Wealth Transfer Benefit (WTB) rider. If contract owners elect this
rider, they may not realize the benefits if they experience no gain or
consistently negative rates of return.

1The prepaid annuity option guarantee of annual lifetime annuity
payments is provided by Symetra Life Insurance Company. Please refer to
the Symetra True Variable Annuity prospectus for more details.

2The amount you pay for each unit varies depending on the value of
the PRF. Unit values fluctuate daily based on the performance of the

3Once annual lifetime income annuity payments start, however, they
may not be stopped. Annual lifetime income annuity payments continue
until your death. There are no guaranteed minimum payments with this

4 If you choose the guaranteed lifetime income at the fund
termination date, the guaranteed income is based on a single life

Symetra[R] is a registered service mark of Symetra Life Insurance

True Variable Annuity and Symetra Pension Reserve Fund Sub-Accounts
are service marks of Symetra Life Insurance Company.

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