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Northern New Mexico’s Premier Solar Integrator Set To Break Ground On 18 KW Solar Project At Centinel Bank Location In Taos, New Mexico.

TAOS, N.M., May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sol Luna Solar is proud to
announce they have partnered with Centinel Bank(member

See Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
) of
New Mexico

) is a town in Taos County in the north-central region of New Mexico. In New Mexico, a municipality may call itself a village, town, or city.
 to provide the design and installation of a Grid-Tied
Photovoltaic project at the North-Side Motor Bank location (next door to
Cid’s Grocery).

Centinel Bank will be the first banking institution in the community
of Taos to ‘go green’ with Solar. The solar array will offset
95 percent of Centinel Bank’s North-Side electric usage. Utilizing
a state of the art solar system with panel level monitoring, the 72
module array is expected to produce 28,000
 or kW-hr

 of electricity per

Over the life time of the solar system, and in addition to
generating energy savings, the solar installation is expected to reduce
Centinel Bank’s carbon dioxide (CO[sub.2]) emissions by more than 1
million pounds. The reduction in emissions is equivalent to planting
more than 12,364 tree seedlings, based on computations using data from
the Environmental Protection Agency (
 eicosapentaenoic acid.

eicosapentaenoic acid See acid, eicosapentaenoic.


Centinel Bank President, Angel Reyes, says “Centinel Bank is
committed to renewable energy and the endorsement of projects that
provide sustainability for the natural environment.”

Centinel’s commitment to Solar Energy is one of the many ways
Centinel Bank has stayed at the forefront of Corporate Social
Responsibility in addition to: offering options for green and
alternative building loans, recycling, participating in River Clean-Up
projects, providing paperless transaction options, incorporating energy
efficient lighting at all banking facilities; and ultimately reducing
their carbon footprint.

“Centinel Bank is part of a profoundly important shift in that
businesses are taking steps to become more environmentally friendly
through the incorporation of sustainable energy solutions while at the
same time improving their bottom line,” says Sol Luna Solar VP Mark
Johnson. “We are honored that Centinel Bank chose Sol Luna Solar as
its clean energy provider.”

Sol Luna Solar has begun work on the 18 KW project. Both Centinel
Bank and Sol Luna Solar have deep roots in the community of Taos and are
proud to promote the use of renewable energy at commercial locations in

Northern New Mexico


Sol Luna Solar is a full service solar company that utilizes its
in-house capabilities to provide the best product and service to their
clients. Centinel Bank is known as an established leader in Banking.

To contact Sol Luna Solar regarding future projects, FREE Site
Assessments, or general Solar inquiries please visit or call (575) 770-7042. For weekly project updates
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