Savings Account You Cant Touch

savings account you cant touch? or bonds?`?

hi there,
I am wanting some help with setting up a savings account that basically you cant withdraw from for at least a year?
what should i be looking for? what are bonds about?
before any rude comments i do have self control just want to have a account that i know i have guaranteed money in to save for a house thaks x x x

1. By way of general comment, I may say that all categories of investment carry different degrees of risk or different degrees of safety.

2. About guaranteed bonds, a headline in the Telegraph reads:

—“Guaranteed investments – how safe are they?
Hopes that guaranteed bonds would be immune from the crisis have been questioned as many are backed by American banks.”—

3. The guaranteed bonds are often offered by insurance companies, and pledge a fixed income over a certain amount of time – from one to five years. Your original investment is secure, unless, of course, the issuer goes bust.

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5. As regards bank deposits, presently rates on fixed deposits are up to 2.4%.

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