Unclaimed Bank Deposit Boxes Auction

Here in the eBay State; Fun, bargains from the dusts of time.


Massachusetts has a modern solution to an old problem: unclaimed
items in forgotten safe deposit boxes.

Starting Saturday, goods will be sold on eBay to the highest

This is the seventh year the state has used eBay in this way.
Previously, it held live auctions, but those were much less profitable.
Last year’s eBay auction of 2,418 bid lots raised close to $480,000
for the state’s General Fund.

About 1,000 items are in this go-around,
according to

1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of:

2. In keeping with:


 Steven Grossman. They’ll be auctioned online over the
next month, starting with 100 items placed on eBay on Saturday.

A small sample of the goods will be on display in Worcester
tomorrow from noon to 5 p.m. at the Massachusetts
State Lottery

151 West Boylston Drive.

According to the website for Mr. Grossman’s office, the state
makes a concerted effort to find the rightful owners of the forgotten
items, which need to have gone unclaimed for at least nine years. If a
rightful owner is found after the eBay sale, the state will reimburse
the owner the money gained from the sale. The website says the items
will be able to be viewed by using the eBay seller ID

Who can say why so many items, once so well regarded, sit around
forgotten in bank vaults? Perhaps, in some cases, it’s simply a
matter of a long-ago
tr.v. mis·laid , mis·lay·ing, mis·lays
1. To put in a place that is afterward forgotten:

 sheet of paper.

Items this year include a $4,500 Rolex watch, a $25,000 diamond
necklace, and a $3 gold coin minted in 1878 and now worth $4,000. Not
everything carries the whiff of previous generations: A broken Harry
Potter wristwatch is also among the finds. Whatever the winning prices
paid on eBay, the mystery attached to such items comes free of charge.