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Letters to the Editor.

Monitor companies Dear Sir, The Supreme Council of Health’s
warning to companies to avoid any manipulation of their employees’
income to cushion the effects of footing the payment of their insurance
premium is welcomed by all residents. It is mandatory for all employers
to pay the premiums for their employees including their spouses and
three children under the new law. There have been fears that some
companies will try to pass on the additional expenses to workers and
stop paying any increments to their salaries. Such a move by the
employers would defeat the whole purpose of the new health insurance
scheme. But the health council’s firm stand against such a move
will make the companies hesitate to take such a step. “We will not

 v. 1) to forgive, support, and/or overlook moral or legal failures of another without protest, with the result that it appears that such breaches of moral or legal duties are acceptable.
 any form of manipulation of workers’ income by their
employers once the insurance scheme comes into force because the law
states that employers must pay for all employees and their dependents
and that companies are not allowed to deduct the premiums from their
workers’ salaries,”

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 assistant secretary general for Policy
Affairs Dr Faleh Muhamed Hussain Ali has been quoted as saying in a
report. The health council should monitor all companies closely to
prevent such practices. Rajesh, Ready to be
conned Dear Sir, Further to the letter “E-mail scams on the
rise” (Gulf Times, June 11), it is true that as long as there are
people ready to be conned, the fraudulent people continue to cheat them.

 and bull stories being told in these e-mails provide a lot of
entertainment. Some of the online cheats are really imaginative! They
can write stories to movies. Most of them seek to exploit our weaknesses
and frailties. Most of the

 e-mails are about large funds that the
sender would like to pass on to recipients, targeting our greediness.
Some seek romantic alliances. Most of us are aware of the fact that scam
mails do not have an iota of truth. But, still we wonder: what if… C
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