Zippered Bank Deposit Pouches

Useful tools.


Fuse’s Carbon CX Hunter stabilizers are available in either
6.5-inch or eight-inch sizes. Doinker and Shock Rod technology coupled
with lightweight carbon fiber components ensure that the Carbon CX
stabilizer will really cut down on shot noise and vibration, in addition
to keeping you steady during the aiming process. Archers can purchase
their Carbon CX in either black or Realtree

APG Assists Per Game
APG Aberdeen Proving Ground
APG Automated Password Generator
APG Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering



Contact: Fuse, Dept. PB, 543 North Neil Armstrong Road, Salt Lake
City, UT 84116; (801) 363-2990;


G5’s Metrao Precision Bow Strings are measured to tolerances
of +/-.010-inch (most strings on the market are only measured to +/- .25
inches), which simply means archers are assured they are literally
getting exactly the right string for their setup. String stretch,
serving separation and peep rotation are virtually eliminated with the
Metrao strings by using Brownell Excel materials and combining them with
G5’s unique construction process.


Contact: G5 Outdoors

., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 59, 34775 Potter St.,
Memphis, MI 48041; (866) 456-8836;


Protect your expensive tree stand investments from those who want
to help themselves to your stands by utilizing the five- or seven-foot

Lone Wolf
 d. 1879, Kiowa Chief. He led some Kiowas on raids in 1874 after his son had been killed by whites, but he was defeated and with a number of followers was deported to Florida, where he remained in military confinement for three years; he died one year after
 Treestand Locks. Designed to resist bolt cutters and hacksaws,
the Lone Wolf Treestand Locks are .75 inches thick and feature
SpiralTwist Technology (nine braids/128 strands of high
tensile strength

 wire). Don’t let the name fool you though, the Treestand Lock is
also great for protecting generators, ATVs, and any other valuable
hunting equipment that might catch the eye of an unwanted
One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.



Contact: Lone Wolf Stands, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 62, Edwards, IL
61528; (309) 691-(9653);


Available in five-inch or seven-inch models, the Max Jax Stabilizer
from BowJax, Inc. is designed to not only help you shoot better, but to
quiet down your bow during the shot. Built with 6061-T6 aluminum, the
Max Jax is available in Realtree HD, HD Green and APG camo, and is
compatible with Max Jax Accessory Dampeners for extra shot vibration


Contact: BowJax, Inc., Dept. PB, 18544

 Rd. Hayden, ID
83835; (208) 762-3692;

 , town (1990 pop. 9,415), Aroostook co., NE Maine, on the Aroostook River; inc. 1859.

The new Caribou

 from Montana Decoy, Inc. is a lightweight
(2.5 pounds) photo-realistic decoy that can be easily carried into
remote hunting areas. Because of the unique fold-up feature, the Caribou
Decoy is perfect for carrying far into trophy country, but also opens up
to a full 48 by 34 inches to fully conceal hunters during stalks through
country that often lacks available cover.


Contact: Montana Decoy, Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 2377, Colstrip, MT
59323; (406) 748-3092;


Redesigned for 2008, the FatBoy cushion from Hunt Comfort is at the
leading edge of comfort technology. Built with Intelligel, high-tech
resilient foam and Comfort-TEX outdoor seating fabric, the FatBoy is a
lightweight, ultra comfortable cushion that will help hardcore hunters
sit longer and move less. The FatBoy also features a 40-inch adjustable
carrying strap, and comes with a three-year guarantee.


Contact: Hunt Comfort, Dept. PB, 701 Liberty Hill Drive, Evergreen,
AL 36401; (888) 757-3232;


BCY’s 452X Bowstrings are now available in a multitude of new
two color combinations (one color is always black) like
A condition, time, or period of flowering. See Synonyms at bloom1.

[New Latin fl
 green, tan, silver, orange, blue, red, yellow and even florescent
purple. The 452X strings are 67-percent SK75 Dyneema and 33-percent
Vectran which provides stability and eliminates creep meaning that not
only will you have a stylish string, you’ll have an accurate one


 Inc., 697 Middle Street, Middletown, CT 06457;


Kwikee Kwivers popular four-arrow Kwikee Combo, six-arrow Kwikee
Kompound, the Kwik-3 and the Kwik-4 quivers are all available covered in

adj. moss·i·er, moss·i·est
1. Covered with moss or something like moss:

2. Resembling moss.

3. Old-fashioned; antiquated.
 Oak’s new Treestand pattern. Archery hunters will now be able
to match the quiver they are using to the camo they are wearing
providing extra concealment where it counts the most–in a tree stand
located in your favorite whitetail hotspot.


Contact: Kwikee Kwiver Company, Dept. PB, 3177 Manor Street, Box
130, Acme, MI 49610; (231) 938-1690;


Rated to an effective range of up to 26 miles, the

Midland Radio

 Corporation is meant to be used in the field by
serious hunters who like to set out on their own path. Three power
settings for conserving energy in the field, 3124 total channel options
and voice activation are just some of the features of the GXT850.
Midland’s newest addition to the handheld radio world is also
waterproof meeting

JIS Jakarta International School
JIS Joint Information System
4 waterproof specifications.


Contact: Midland Radio Corporation, Dept. PB, 5900 Parretta Drive,
Kansas City, MO 64120; (816) 241-8500;


With a fully adjustable waist and shoulder system (W-SAT), the new
Bone Collector series of packs from Blacks Creek Guide Gear remains
comfortable even when fully loaded with all of your camping gear. The
Bone Collector series are available with either 2300 or 3000 cubic
inches of storage space depending on your needs, a bow carrier, six
compression straps for holding gear down securely, and a full drop down
front panel to get to gear quickly.


Contact: Blacks Creek Guide Gear, Dept. PB, 3515 Arthur Street,
Caldwell, Idaho 83605; (208) 455-1996;


Apple Archery Product’s Hendrix Sport Rack is a simple bow
rack that was built to protect your expensive compound from the rigors
of rough travel. Simply clamp the Hendrix Sport Rack to the side of any
pickup truck and your bow fits securely into it while you drive to your
next hunting hotspot.


Contact: Apple Archery Products, LLC, Dept. PB, 245 Beshore School
Road, Manchester, PA 17345; 800.745.8190;


Yamaha’s 2008 Grizzly 700 FI DU Edition includes Advantage
Max-4 HD camouflage, 686cc liquid-cooled engine, electronic fuel
injection, constant-tension/belt-driven tranny, “on command”
three-position/push-button transfer case (2WD, limited slip 4WD,
fully-locked 4WD), fully independent four-wheel suspension, LCD
instrument panel and new power steering; among other high-tech
developments. This all adds up to create one of the highest
power-to-weight ratios of any

 around giving it’s riders better
control and handling on any kind of rought terrain they can find.


Contact: Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, Dept. PB, 6555 Katelia Ave.,
Cypress, CA 900630-5101; (714) 761-7418;


Thermacell’s Patio Lantern version of their popular bug
repelling line of products is perfect for an early season hunting camp.
Silent and odor free, the Patio Lantern contains a
 , C4H10, gaseous alkane, a hydrocarbon that is obtained from natural gas or by refining petroleum.
 unit that will
repel annoying bugs like mosquitoes and black flies for 12 hours before
it needs to be replaced. In addition to repelling biting insects,
Thermacell’s Patio Lantern emits a soft glow enabling it to double
as a handy camp light as well.


Contact: The Schawbel Corporation, Dept. PB, 100 Crosby Dr.,
Bedford, MA 01730; (866) 753-3837;


Hard hunted predators are notorious for hanging up out of shooting
range (especially when hunting with archery equipment), the Yote from
Edge Hunting Products is a life size
  or  small, swift wolf, Canis latrans, native to W North America. It is found in deserts, prairies, open woodlands, and brush country; it is also called brush wolf.
 decoy that was designed to
fool weary predators. Made of pliable plastic, the Yote can be folded up
for easy carrying yet is highly realistic looking, and even features a
fur tail to provide movement and realism to your set-up.


Contact: Edge Hunting Products, Dept. PB, 906 Dominion Dr., Hudson,
WI 54016; (715) 381-2935;


Nite Hawk Archery’s new Bow Press can handle just about any
bow on the market–split limbed, parallel limbed and solid limbed bows.
Nite Hawk’s Bow Press is portable (weighs only 25 ounces) and can
press bows set at up to 95 pounds. The Bow Press provides total control
over the pressing process because it doesn’t attach to the cable or
the risers.


Contact: Nite Hawk Archery, Dept. PB, 8301-11th Ave S.,
Bloomington, MN 55420; (952) 201-1453


Designed for use in a pop-up blind or your hunting vehicle, the
Smart Air scent elimination system from Eastman Outfitters literally
removes game spooking odors from the air. The Smart Air system uses a
motorized fan to disperse a chemical that “traps” odor
molecules and neutralizes them rendering the air around you scent free.
Smart Air runs off of a single “D” battery for up to 10 hours
at a time.


Contact: Eastman Outfitters, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 378, Flushing MI
48433; (810) 733-6360;


Nikon’s Field Recon Team Optics Pack is a highly specialized
backpack meant to carry all of the optics you will need during any kind
of hunt. With 1943 cubic inches of interior space, the Optics Pack also
contains pockets specifically designed to carry everything from
binoculars to digital cameras. Water resistant, near-silent zippers, and
brushed tricot fabric are also featured on the Nikon Optics Pack.


Contact: Nikon, Inc., Dept. PB, 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville,
NY 11747; (631) 547-4200;


Built with an exterior that is resistant to wear and tear, cold
weather, heat and the sun, the Dahl Sheep target from Rinehart will
provide years of use and will stand up to any kind of punishment that
archers can dole out. At 35 inches tall, the Dahl Sheep target is meant
to simulate a full curl, 165-pound sheep. Solid self-healing foam
ensures that archers can practice with field points or broadheads (fixed
or expandable).


Contact: Rinehart, Dept. PB, 1029A South Jackson St., Janesville,
WI 53546; (608) 757-8153;



Hold Up Displays, Inc.’s new Hardwood Mount Horizontal Bow
Holders are built from your choice of ash, cherry, oak, or walnut
hardwoods. Each set features pivoting yokes to accommodate just about
any style of bow that you need to hang. The Hardwood Mount Horizontal
Bow Holders come with all of the necessary mounting pieces to attach to
any flat wall surface.

Contact: Hold Up Displays, Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 10, 27515 State
Hwy. 131, Ontario, WI 54651; (608) 435-6623;


Hips Targets new MasterTarget Animal Target Faces feature
biologically correct placement of the

1. The vital body organs.

2. The parts that are essential to continued functioning, as of a system.
 to help archers prepare to
make ethical shots at the moment of truth. Constructed from rugged, tear
resistant DuraShot material, the Animal Target Faces can withstand some
serious abuse and will last up to 20 times longer than traditional paper
targets. Archers can choose from either a deer or turkey image depending
on what season they are practicing for.


Contact: Hips Targets, Dept. PB, 2922 N. Pan Am Expressway, Suite
B, San Antonio, TX 78208; (800) 979-0915;


Doinker’s Chubby Series of stabilizers are available in
three-, four-, five- and six-inch models weighing from 4.9 ounces to 6.3
ounces giving archers plenty of options. The Chubby Series features
Doinkers exclusive

 A-Bomb Technology, which is an extremely
efficient dampening material, an ABS body core for additional dampening.
The Chubby Series is available in Mossy Oak’s new BreakUp, Realtree
Ap and Realtree APG camouflage patterns.


Contact: Leven Industries, Dept. PB, 9025 Eton Avenue, Unit A,
Canoga Park, CA 91304; (818) 700-2899;


The new and improved Nobleman from Buck Knives gives sportsman the
option of carrying a lightweight yet durable knife anywhere they travel.
The Nobleman features a 2 5/8-inch titanium-coated 440A
stainless steel
 see steel.

stainless steel

Any of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10–30% chromium. The presence of chromium, together with low carbon content, gives remarkable resistance to corrosion and heat.
 blade that is easily sharpened and a carbon-fiber graphic handle that is
rubber coated on one side for a soft yet firm grip. The Nobleman is a
vailable in several choices of finish and color.


Contact: Buck Knives, Dept. PB, 660 S. Lochsa Street, Post Falls,
ID 83854; (800) 326-2825;


The Hunter’s Windstring is a handy little wind checker that is
durable enough to be left on your favorite stand all fall. Simply hang
the Hunter’s Windstring off of a limb near your stand and
you’ll be able to monitor wind movement and direction the whole
time your out. This ensures that you’ll know what the wind is doing
at all times giving you confidence in your setup.


Contact: Hunters Wind String, Dept. PB,


Arrow Wraps Unlimited has many new colors and styles (including
their brand new Skin-Eez limb wraps that are used to customize your
favorite traditional bow). These wraps are extremely easy to apply and
they increase fletching adhesion by up to 10 times meaning you no longer
have to worry about your fletching peeling off at
Inappropriate or ill-timed; not opportune.

Archers can choose from a multitude of colors and styles. Arrow Wraps
Unlimited even offers reflective wraps to aid in arrow recovery and
ultimately game recovery as well.


Contact: Arrow Wraps Unlimited, 51 Sydneys Way, Gorham, ME 04038;
(207) 892-1199;


Expanding on their already popular bow tuning product the BowPlane,
DoubleTake Archery now has the BowPlan[e.sup.2] which gives archers all
of the benefits of the original but adds a bow square to ensure easy and
proper setup. The BowPlan[e.sup.2] uses laser light and
fiber optics
 transmission of digitized messages or information by light pulses along hair-thin glass fibers. Each fiber is surrounded by a cladding having a high index of refractance so that the light is internally reflected and travels the length of the fiber
project a line throughout the perimeter of the bow (the string, cams or
wheels, sights and rest) making it easy to line up center shot and
notice accuracy robbing problems like cam lean.


Contact: DoubleTake Archery, Dept. PB, 414 Hidden Deer, LaVernia
TX, 78121; (210) 722-3484;


 area of severe erosion, usually found in semiarid climates and characterized by countless gullies, steep ridges, and sparse vegetation. Badland topography is formed on poorly cemented sediments that have few deep-rooted plants because short, heavy showers
 Packs have taken their 2200 model to the next level. The
redesigned pack features seven easy to access pockets, 2310 cubic inches
of storage, bow and rifle holders and weighs in at just over four
pounds. Badland’s 2200 pack also owns dual T-6 aluminum stays, a
built-in meat shelf, and top and rear access so you can get to your gear
quickly and quietly the moment you need it.


Contact: Badlands Backpacks, Dept. PB, 753 West 1700 South, Salt
Lake City, UT 84104; (801) 978-2207;

A rather small, lightweight backpack for carrying articles such as books.

Whether your chasing bull elk through the mountains or sitting all
day in a favorite whitetail stand, the Extreme Bowhunter Series Daypack
from Cabela’s has got you covered. A padded, contoured shoulder
harness and hip belt help distribute weight, while dual aluminum stays
provide support for heavy loads. The 2500 cubic-inch Cabela’s
Daypack also features a convenient 70-ounce
 /hy·dra·tion/ () the absorption of or combination with water.

1. The addition of water to a chemical molecule without hydrolysis.

 reservoir and is
available covered in your choice of
 Forensic psychiatry A strategy for managing disturbed and violent Pts in psychiatric units, which consists of supervised confinement of a Pt to a room–ie, involuntary isolation, to protect others from harm
 3D or Mossy Oak Break-Up.


Contact: Cabelas, Dept. PB, 115 Cabela Dr., Sydney, NE 69160; (800)


If you’re looking for a way to challenge the dominant buck in
your woods you need look no further than Flambeau’s Masters Series
Buck Decoy. This buck decoy was designed with the help of wildlife
sculptor C.W. Schiller in an effort to create the most realistic looking
decoy on the market. The Masters Series Buck Decoy features a convenient
twist-locking leg system for ease in setup. The Masters Series’
legs, head and antlers can be stowed in the body cavity for ease in


n. pl. flam·beaux or flam·beaus
1. A lighted torch.

2. A large ornamental candlestick.
, Inc., Dept. PB, 15981 Valplast Road,
Middlefield, OH 44062; (800) 232-3474;


Delta’s Hot-To-Squat doe decoy can be set up as a standard
decoy for hunting outside of the rut, and can be set up in a
“squatting position” to simulate a doe depositing sign. A
string attached to the decoy can be pulled to move the decoy from
standard position to squatting position. The Hot-To-Squat Doe Decoy is
constructed from polyethylene to ensure the decoy is quiet and appears


Contact: Delta Sports Products, LLC, Dept. PB, 117 East Kenwood,
Reinbeck, IA 50669; (800) 708-0673;


Mckenzie’s popular line of ShotBlocker Targets has a new
addition–The Wall. At 48 inches tall, 42 inches wide and 18 inches
deep, The Wall is a serious target for serious archers. The Wall
features welded core technology and an easy to use strap-and-snap buckle
system (this allows shooters to replace or rotate target sections). A
Wall replacement section is available as well.


Contact: Delta Sports Products, LLC, Dept. PB, 117 East Kenwood,
Reinbeck, IA 50669; (800) 708-0673;


Behind every good man there’s a good woman. Primos’ new
She-Mobile hen makes the perfect companion for the B-Mobile

. She
is what you need to make your set-up more attractive to that stubborn
heavily pressured tom. She-Mobile can be staked near your B-Mobile to

v. feigned, feign·ing, feigns
a. To give a false appearance of:

 a contented hen, or you can put her on the ground without a stake
to assume the submissive hen position. Made of the same proprietary
material as B-Mobile gobblers, She-Mobile is sturdy, yet can be easily
rolled up to be carried in your hunting vest.


Contact: Primos Hunting Calls, Dept. PB, 604 First St., Flora, MS
39071; (601) 879-9323;


The Moxy Scent Elimination System utilizes an “ionized
super-oxidant” to eliminate odors and odor-causing microorganisms.
In the most simple terms possible, the Moxy Scent Elimination System
takes a stable oxygen molecule and supercharges it. These molecules then
hunt down and neutralize their environment by attacking and altering
microorganisms (the things that cause odor) until they are neutral. From
all of your hunting clothing to your skin, Moxy can help you become
scent free.


Contact: Moxy Products I, LLC., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 5255, Ocala, FL


Archers have the option of a one- or a two-piece quiver from
LimbSaver this year. Capable of holding six arrows tipped with either
mechanicals or fixed-blade broadheads, the LimbSaver Quivers come with
mounting hardware and will
 v. 1) to attach something to real estate in a permanent way, including planting trees and shrubs, constructing a building, or adding to existing improvements.
 to almost any bow on the market. A
Navcom arrow pad inside the hood and a quick detach feature (on the
one-piece) ensure these quivers are quiet and easily detachable.


Contact: Sims Vibration Laboratory, Dept. PB, 301 W. Business Park
Loop, Shelton, WA 98584, (877) 257-2761;


For die-hard whitetail hunters the folks at Wilderness Athlete have
designed the Bill Winke “3-Day Stand Pack” that contains
nutritional bars, hydration mix pouches, ALERT pouches and energy packed
gel pouches. The 3-Day Stand Pack was designed to keep archers feeling
healthy and alert during tree stand sits when the body and mind can
become a little sluggish. They also have the Cameron Hanes 5-Day and
10-Day Hunt Packs that feature every Wilderness Athlete product hunters
will need to make it through a grueling western hunt, even the
one’s that occur at ultra-high elevations. All Packs come with
detailed consumption guidelines.


Contact: Wilderness Athlete, Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 129,
Alexandria, MN 56308; 800-752-0133;


TailorMaid Bowstrings new TUXZ strings were designed specifically
to have no twist. What this means for archers is no more worrying about
peep sight rotation or creep. Consistency is the key to being an
accurate archer and the folks at TailorMaid have made it a little easier
for all of us to tighten our groups and make ethical shots on game


Contact: TailorMaid Archery Products, Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 44,

Rose City, Michigan

 48654; (989) 685-2223;


Calcium, magnesium, sulfur and phosphorus are all minerals that
contribute to massive antler growth and Mossy Oak BioLogic’s new
BioRock is chock full of them. Set the eight-pound BioRock in a high
traffic area and wait for the deer to show up and start using it.
BioRock contains over 50 minerals that are essential to not only foster
large antler growth but also for ensuring your deer herd is up to par in
body size as well.


Contact: BioLogic, Dept. PB, PO. Box 757, West Point MS 39773;


Owners of new Mathews bows now have the option to attach the Deadly
Quiet Pro-M from Saunders Archery to their roller guards. The Pro M
features a silent gel tipped compression piston inside a closed-cell
foam that acts as a “twang” or
shock absorber
 device for reducing the effect of a sudden shock by the dissipation of the shock’s energy. On an automobile, springs and shock absorbers are mounted between the wheels and the frame.
 when the bow is
fired. The Deadly Quiet Pro-M attaches through the use of machined
aluminum bracket and does not rob the bow of any speed because nothing
is attached to the string.


Contact: Saunders Archery, Dept. PB., P.O. Box 1707, Columbus, NE
68601; (800) 228-1408;


SKB’s revolutionary Parallel Limb Bow case is a super sturdy,
convenient case that accommodates parallel-limb bows with all standard
accessories attached. The case also includes molded-in,
bumper-protected, TSA-recognized unbreakable trigger latches, Mil-spec,
spring-loaded end handle for comfortable towing and a cushioned carrying
handle. Interior patent-pending tie-downs can be repositioned to assure
gear does not shift. They carry an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and
$1,500 product protection coverage if gear is damaged during airline



SKB Sportsklubben Brann
SKB Smart Knee Board
 Corp., Dept PB, 1607 N. O’Donnell Way, Orange, CA
92867; (800) 654-5992;


VaporTrail strings and cables have been around for a number of
years, but just keep on getting better. The newest

 strings offer the
archer a “Set it and forget it” guarantee meaning no more
worries about string twist or creep. They are made from proprietary
blends of synthetic fibers that are pre-stressed and conditioned for
zero creep in as few as three shots. This means when you have set your
peep, it will stay put. They can add up to 10 fps to any bow over stock
strings, include a 30-day warranty and are offered in 156 different
dual-tone color combinations.


Contact: VaporTrail Strings & Cables, Dept. PB, 17600 Hyw 65
N., Ham Lake, MN 55304; (800) 310-8110;



 success is mostly determined by your position in
relation to the wind. Tree Apron’s new WindWatch 7X includes
highly-visible, ultra-light, scent-free molecules, sprayed from a
pocket-sized dispenser to give you instant verification of wind
direction and velocity, even when the air seems to be standing still.
The unique dispenser comes pre-filled and is accompanied by a free
8.5-ounce bottle of back-up WindWatch that provides enough material for
up to six refills; enough to last most archers an entire season.


Contact: Tree Apron Inc., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 233, Bethpage, NY
11714; (516) 935-7128;


ScentShield’s new Wind Pro is a soft rubber bottle that
won’t freeze or harden, staying pliable even in the coldest weather
conditions. It includes clip-and-carry convenience to remain at your
fingertips whenever you need it fast. No shaking is required for
activation; simply tap or squeeze it to monitor air currents. Super
lightweight powder rides the slightest breeze, allowing you to detect
the tiniest thermal drafts. The bottle is dimpled for easy grip. A doe


 model is available and it serves the dual purpose of attracting
bucks while also detecting wind.


Contact: ScentShield/Robinson Outdoors, Dept. PB, 110 N. Park Dr.,
Cannon Falls, MN 55009-0018; (800) 397-1827;


The Binoc-Loc from Vortex Optics is a useful tool to assure your
binoculars are always ready for action. The device locks into special
mounting taps found on all Vortex optics to hold the center hinge at the
desired setting and locking it into place. This means binoculars stuffed
into a pack or inside your jacket front are always ready for fast
action, and are especially helpful when handling binos one-handed. The
Binoc-Loc is unique enough to be patented, and holds even the biggest
optics at ready effortlessly.


Contact: Vortex Optics, Dept. PB, 2120 W. Greenview Dr., Middleton,
WI 53562; (800) 426-0048;


Wiley X Eyewear’s Climate Control Series of sunglasses feature
vented foam gaskets that lock into their lightweight ANSI-certified
frames. What this does is it creates a Facial Cavity Seal that protects
the wearer’s eyes from debris, wind, and precipitation. Wiley X
offers their glasses in a variety of shades depending on your needs, and
every model features impact resistant (
Resistant to shattering:

Adj. 1. shatterproof – resistant to shattering or splintering; “shatterproof automobile windows”
) lenses.


Contact: Wiley X Eyewear by Protective Optics, Inc., Dept. PB, 7491
Longard Road, Livermore, CA 94551; (800) 776-7842;


TrailFlex’s revolutionary Modular Pack System has been
improved for 2008. They will now include an integrated hydration system
in the base harness and increased adjustability for better fit and
comfort. The Modular Pack System also features an enhanced support
structure for added
carrying capacity

 and a streamlined new design of
the core backpack and waist pack components. The innovative,
patent-pending design of the system provides a torso-hugging foundation
on which users can attach a wide variety of gear–from bino cases to
cell phone pouches.


Contact: TrailFlex/RMK Accessories, Inc., Dept. PB, 230A Kensinger
Dr., Cranberry Township, PA 16066; (724) 776-1010;

tr.v. deked, dek·ing, dekes
To deceive (an opponent) in ice hockey by a fake:


Primos’ new Swingin’ Hen’s head moves with the
slightest breeze. The Swingin’ Hen maintains a feeding position,
the head movement great for putting a wary tom at ease. The head and
neck are mounted to the body with a pin-and-hook attachment. The pin
makes it easy to take the Swingin’ head off when it’s time to
move, then put it back on, decreasing the chance of losing or damaging
the head while you are hiking. The decoy is made of soft, quiet material
allowing it to be rolled and tucked into your hunting vest for conveniet


Contact: Primos Hunting Calls, Dept. PB, 604 First St., Flora, MS
39071; (601) 879-9323;


BuckWing’s Lifelite Bobb’n Head Deer Decoy brings

Suggestive of a statue, as in proportion, grace, or dignity; stately.

 deer decoys to life. The decoy is realistically sized and
colored, the head, neck and tail moving with the slightest breeze to
create life. The Bobb’n Head Deer Decoy comes with large or small
antlers to use according to trophy potential, or can be transformed into
a doe. Moveable body parts allow the ears to be positioned high or low
and the head to be raised or lowered. At only 11 pounds, the decoy
assembles and breaks down quickly for easy transport in the provided
mesh backpack.


Contact: BuckWing Products, Inc., Dept. PB, 2300 Eberhart Rd.,
Whitehall, PA 18052; (610) 264-1122;


SureFire flashlights are light-years ahead of the competition. For
2008 SureFire brings even more brightness and runtime to its proven LED
models. These are LED lights that prove four times brighter than
conventional D-cell lights, and with much longer battery life. Some of
the models included in the new higher-output, more-runtime LED line
include E1L, L1, E2L, 6P and G2. The smallest produce 30-lumen output
for 10 hours on a single battery while the largest will produce 80
lumens for up to 12 hours on two 3-volt lithium batteries.


Contact: SureFire, Dept. PB, 18300 Mt.

 Circle, Fountain
Valley, CA 92708-6122; (800) 828-8809;


Eliminate “string buzz” and “arm slap” with
Fuse’s direct mount or stabilizer mount Stealthshot. Fitted with a
Limbsaver Navcom component on the end, the Stealthshot captures and
suppress your bowstring during every shot but does not interfere with
the bows speed. Shot noise and string oscillation are reduced by up to
70-percent (which in turn increases accuracy and decreases the chances
of game “jumping the string”) by installing the Stealthshot on
your hunting or target rig.


Contact: Fuse, Dept. PB, 543 North Neil Armstrong Road, Salt Lake
City, UT 84116; (801) 363-2990;


DiamondBlade Super Blades, from Knives of Alaska, offer the
sharpest, longest-lasting edges in hunting. Revolutionary Friction
Forging technology creates super-fine grain structure that results in
edges that start out sharper and stay that way longer. The blades can
withstand erosion from even strong acids and salt water, and include
differentially hardened construction (like flexible Samurai swords) to
endure extreme impact and structural stress. Available in four styles
with genuine stag or desert
 see hornbeam.


Any of numerous trees and shrubs, found worldwide, that have exceptionally tough or hard wood useful for timber, fence posts, and tool handles.


Contact: DiamondBlade LLC, Dept. PB, 3100 Airport Dr., Denison, TX
75020; (903) 786-8044;


PolarWrap’s new PolarPad includes the same
 any of a group of extremely light and porous solid materials; the lightest is less than four times as dense as dry air. Aerogels are produced from certain gels (see colloid) by heating the gel under pressure, which causes the liquid in the gel to become
 used in the
company’s Toasty Feet and Insulator Insoles to stop cold dead.
Aerogel is one of the world’s most efficient insulating materials,
developed by
 see National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

 in full National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Independent U.S.
 for space suits and spacecraft. It’s efficient
enough that testers actually sat on blocks of dry ice without feeling
any cold. Place PolarPad on stand seats or platforms to keep your
rear-end or feet from absorbing cold and ending your hunt early. The
12×16-inch Pad folds to 4×12 inches and includes tie-down grommets.


Contact: PolarWrap, LLC, Dept. PB, 6047 Executive Centre Dr., Suite
8, Memphis, TN 38134; (800) 967-9727;


Pro Ears Dimension Plus Gold Series from
See ridge.

Noun 1. ridgeline – a long narrow range of hills

arete – a sharp narrow ridge found in rugged mountains
 raises the bar
in hearing protection/amplification. The system includes a high-tech
micro-processor that runs a diagnostic test each time you turn your unit
on. It also includes LED Alert Light, Auto Shut-Off and Low Battery
Indicator, plus

 Technology that not only protects against hearing
loss, but allows you to hear everything going on around your stand
better and more clearly. They include
 or pro-form  
An item in a sentence, typically a pronoun, verb, or adverb, that substitutes for a constituent phrase or clause, as the words he and so in the sentence He said so, with the pronoun he
 Leather Ear Seals and an
adjustable headband.


Contact: RidgeLine, Inc., Dept. PB, 101 RidgeLine Dr., Westcliffe,
CO 81252; (800) 891-3660;


The Rope

 from Carolina North Manufacturing makes rope,
bungee cords and web ratchets obsolete. The Rope Ratchet helps tie down
ATVs, camping gear or secure a tree stand much faster. Made with a
heavy-duty Glass Filled nylon casing, interior mechanisms from die-cast
zinc, and fitted with stout
a. Produced by or as if by braiding.

b. Having braids.

2. Decorated with braid.

 polyester rope with zinc-plated
hooks; they are extremely tough and long lasting. Available in five
sizes, from the 1/8-inch model with 75-pound load limit to the largest
.5-inch, with 500 pound load maximum.


Contact: Carolina North Mfg., Dept. PB, 500 Indeneer Dr., Suite 9,
Kernersville, NC 27284; (336) 992-0082;


Yamaha’s Rhino 700 FI SxS includes more power and smoother
ride via fuel injection and refined suspension. A bigger 686cc motor
increases overall power, its fuel injection system auto-adjusting to
altitude for improved response and handling. This also improves fuel
economy and cold starting. Yamaha’s automatic transmission system
maintains constant tension on the belt drive for greater life.
Windshield, camo finish, 12-volt power plug, four-wheel dual caliper
brakes and many other hunter-friendly features are included.


Contact: Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, Dept. PB, 6555 Katella Ave.,
Cypress, CA 900630-5101; (714) 761-7418;


Polaris’ 2008 Sportsman 800

 is one of the most powerful
ATVs in the business. The 4-stroke 760 twin cc, liquid-cooled motor
creates smooth, responsive power, with a EFI system that auto-adjusts
for altitude and outside temperature for fast start in the cold, crisp
throttle and better fuel economy. Exclusive
 Alive with–disseminated and/or metastatic disease
 auto engages when
needed, reverting to 2WD when not. It includes independent rear
suspension and dual exhaust for better performance and power. They now
also include a tough auto finish for longer life.


Contact: Polaris Industries Inc., Dept. PB, 2100 Hwy 55, Medina, MN
55340; (800) POLARIS;


New for 2008, Suzuki’s KingQuad 750AXi 4×4 includes a powerful
695cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The
1. Angular deviation from a vertical or horizontal plane or surface; an inclination or slope.

2. A slanted or oblique surface.

a. A thrust or motion that tilts something.
 cylinder design
lowers the center of gravity and seat height. Electronic fuel injection
provides excellent throttle response, fuel economy and easy starting.
The QuadMatic CVT-type auto transmission makes riding easy, with an
advanced engine braking system for more downhill control. High-mounted

 tube through which a submarine or diver can draw air while underwater. When in use, the top of the snorkel tube extends above the water surface into the air.
” intake assures it will not flood out in water. The
Suzuki KingQuad is available in Max-4 HD camo.


Contact: Suzuki Motor Corp., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 1100, Brea, CA
92822; (714) 996-7040;


Hunter Safety System’s new Muff-Pak works seamlessly with the
company’s renowned Safety Vest to keep hands and fingers warm
during cold weather, as well as serving as a convenient fanny pack to
tote your gear to a tree stand. Its multiple pockets are specifically
designed to keep bowhunting gear such as a rangefinder, binoculars,
grunt tube or deer-call “can” at your finger tips meaning no
more fumbling through daypacks to find what you are looking for. The
warm, fleece-lined hand-warmer interior means you are always ready for
action, and it is covered in Realtree APG camouflage.


Contact: Hunter Safety System, Dept. PB, 8237 Danville Rd.,
Danville, AL 35619; (877) 296-3528;


Looking for a way to get multiple people into the hunting woods or
tote large loads, without investing in another expensive quad? Tow-N-Go
Quad Trailers are constructed of quality steel to last and make for safe
travel. The trailer hooks up to the ball-hitch of your ATV and includes
electric brakes, bow/gun rack, smooth shock-absorber ride and more.
Three models are available depending on your needs (one of the models
actually converts into a tree stand). They weigh about 200 pounds and
are capable of carrying two hunters, all their gear and a deer safely
from the woods.


Contact: Tow-N-Go Quad Trailers, Dept PB, 1076 SE
 common name applied to various perching birds of the Old (family Oriolidae) and New (family Icteridae) Worlds. The European orioles are allied to the crows, while the American orioles, of the hangnest group, belong to the blackbird and meadowlark family.
Grants Pass, OR 97526; (541) 660-3646;


Wac’em Archery’s brand-new Vertical Seat Pack makes
traveling with your compound bow easy. The Seat Pack straps to any truck
seat back, holding your bow (with quiver attached) upright and
secure–and out of the way–while traveling to and from your hunt
destination. A lower pouch cradles the lower limb/cam, while horizontal
straps hold it in place even when traveling on the bumpiest back-roads
you can find. An extra exterior pocket is perfect for storing extra
broad-heads or other bow gear. The tough Cordura pack comes in black or


Contact: Wac’em Archery Products, LLC, Dept. PB, 1473 S. 350
West, Payson, UT; (817) 465-5647;